Castle Round Table: "The Squab and the Quail"

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"The Squab and the Quail" featured Beckett shacking up with a rich, handsome, successful man... and it wasn't Rick Castle.

Our Castle Round Table team of Chandel Charles, Jim Garner, and Christine Orlando are joined below by Gloria from The 12th Fan Forum as they discuss sexy men and what they expect from Castle and Beckett as the Castle Season 5 winds to an end.


What was your favorite scene from the episode?

Gloria: The scene with Castle, Espo and Ryan at the precinct, after Beckett has been told she has to follow Vaughn around. Castle says he can't believe that the department is forcing her to hang out with a womanizing, rich, guy against her will. The witty sarcasm that Ryan and Espo pull off make these two characters such a great duo.

Chandel: Probably Castle freaking out about the fact that Eric and Kate had been standing so near to each other. It took him a minute, but he eventually figured out what had happened. The panic, though, was priceless.

Jim: I enjoyed Castle "taking point" on the investigation with Javi and Ryan. It seems like he should be on the payroll by now.

Christine: Esposito telling Castle "unlike you, his helicopter doesn't need a remote control" and Ryan admitting, "hell no, I wouldn't let Jenny near that guy" was great. Nothing better than the boys teasing a panicky Castle.

Castle RT - depreciated -

Who is sexier: Eric Vaughn, George Clooney or Richard Castle?

Gloria: I didn't find Vaughn all that attractive. Now Clooney, on the other hand, could give Castle a run for his money. Clooney has aged like a expensive bottle of wine. Castle might just inch ahead at the last second, though he better keep his video games in the closet!

Chandel: Probably Richard Castle. I think he's all-around sexy. I don't really "know" the other guys like I know Castle, haha!

Jim: I have to say Eric Vaughn (sorry, Rick). Watching Ioan Gruffudd use his real accent and play the caring tycoon/boss had me developing a little man-crush on him by the end.

Christine: No one can deny Clooney is handsome and I've been a fan of Ioan Gruffudd since he was on Ringer. Lanie's right, the accent is hot. But the way Castle goes from handsome and confident to goofy and lovable is hard to resist.

Funnier moment: Lanie with a British accent or Castle wondering how the NYPD could force Beckett to spend time with a womanizing rich guy?

Gloria: Though I loved Lanie's sexy British accent, Castle's failure to see that he had basically done the same thing to Beckett, was better. Oh the irony of it all! Especially when you throw in the boys comments and reactions.

Chandel: I have to say Lanie working that British accent. I don't feel like we see enough of her and I thoroughly enjoyed it.

Jim: I'm going with Lanie using a British accent. She doesn't get to do much of the humor and that was funny. Though Rick's comment had me smirking, it's really been too long since she was "forced" to work with Castle for the joke to have any teeth.

Christine: I loved Castle being affronted by Kate being forced to spend time with a womanizing, rich guy. He deserved a head smack for even saying the words. How soon we forget!

When Kate asks Rick, "Where are we going?" is Castle really clueless or deflecting because he's not ready for that conversation?

Gloria: I honestly believe Castle is clueless. He knows how he feels, but I do not think he really understands how far Beckett has come. I think he just doesn't see that she is ready. He may be afraid to scare her off, so he is missing the obvious clues she is giving him.

Chandel: I don't think Rick ever faces things like that head on. I don't think he really understood that Kate was truly unhappy and wanted a serious answer, but I also don't think he would be ready for the conversation if it arose.

Jim:  His ex-wife pointed out that he deflects. Rick is smart and knows damn well what Kate was asking, he's just not sure how to answer yet.

Christine: He's not stupid, but he can be completely clueless at times. Either way, he spent four years winning the girl but I don't think he's really figured out where they go from here.

As the season winds down, it looks as though Castle and Beckett's relationship will come to a head in the season finale (on May 13th). Speculate on what you think that will mean for our dynamic duo?

Gloria: Beckett waited until she knew that Castle was it for her.  She is ready for their future.  Castle is lagging far behind because of his insecurities about spooking her, and her running from this relationship.  I believe she is far more confidant in this relationship than he is.  It will come to a head somehow, where I think a choice has to be made about how they will progress.

Chandel: If there's anything we know, it's that their relationship always seems to hit a turning point during season finales. I assume it might see a temporary breakup for the pair or at the very least a serious conversation about their relationship's trajectory.

Jim: I'm a romantic at heart, so I'm going with marriage proposal! I know it's a long shot, but I feel good about it.

Christine: I think for four seasons it was Kate holding them back and now the tables have turned. I think she's ready to move forward but Castle's two failed marriages have him spooked. I think when she pushes for answers he's going to freeze. It won't be pretty but I hope they work through it before the season ends because the summer hiatus will be intolerable if they're apart.

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