Grimm Review: One Memory At A Time

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"Ring of Fire" keeps the serial elements to a minimum for Grimm Season 2.

With Hank and Rosalee taking a break from the canvas, the most unlikely of trios formed to keep Portland safe and weird: Renard, Monroe, and Nick.

Overwhelming Memories

While serial elements accomplish two things: the first being it keeps reviews and the analysis fresh, and the second being is I enjoy storytelling that moves at a faster pace. In the course of a 22-episode season, however, it’s sometimes refreshing to take a small step away from season long plots to just have an enjoyable time with a show and characters you love.

It was basically like guys night out, but in typical Grimm fashion.

The serial elements that are here focused entirely on Adalind and Juliette. Juliette’s memories are both sweet and annoying. By taking one memory at a time we get to see Nick and Juliette back when things are good for them. This flashback brings me back to a time when I actually enjoyed her character, yet the way Juliette gets to this point is contrived.

The memories of Nick are overwhelming her, and that’s not the problem. The biggest problem is Juliette needs to first break things off with Nick and then seek guidance with Spiritual Grandma… who tells her the painfully obvious of taking one memory at a time.

The legitimate reasons why Juliette needs to break up with Nick and be told the painfully obvious are few and far between, and it’s continually damaging to her character. Build up is one thing, but I don’t need painful, six month long ‘90s-esque soap opera storyline stalls to bring Juliette to just about the same point in time to where she was last season.

Adalind’s story focuses on Frau Pech and how much she can get for her royal baby. Adalind, much like Juliette, is focusing on her past, and she’s willing to give up her baby to the highest bidder so long as they can find a way to get her Hexenbiest powers back. It makes me wonder, since her baby is predominantly Hexenbiest if Adalind is coming up to a crossroad. The baby could be the answer to having a fresh set of powers, but at what cost to the baby?

A Few More Thoughts:

  • NBC has cancelled Ready for Love, and Grimm will be heading to Tuesdays at 10 starting April 30th for the rest of the season.
  • More Bud scenes please.
  • “El Diablo” is unlike anything we’ve seen even in Grimm’s world. 

Ring of Fire Review

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