Justified Round Table: "Ghosts"

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FX wrapped up Justified Season 4 this week with "Ghosts," an episode that resulted in heartbreak for Boyd and reflection for Raylan.

In this edition of the TV Fanatic Round Table, staff members Dan Forcella, Nick McHatton, Christine Orlando and Jim Garner break down the finale of one of television's best shows...


What was your favorte scene from the episode?
Dan: I loved so much about this finale, but my favorite scene was probably the conversation between Raylan and Sammy, and then watching Raylan walk away as Nicky Augustine got shot dead a million times over.

Nick: Loved Raylan and Winona working together to eliminate the threats to the baby. It's rather remarkable how unshaken they were in that situation.

Christine: There was so much to love about this finale but like Nick, I loved when Winona and Raylan took down Nicky's guys together. Winona not not backing down for even a moment while nine months pregnant was what made it extraordinary.

Jim: I'm With Nick and Christine, watching Winona grab the gun and then both Raylan and her shooting "the elf" was pretty high on the "Hell Yeah!" meter.

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Is Boyd right? Is Raylan more bad guy than good guy?
Dan: No. Raylan is more good than bad, but he does come a lot closer to that line than most, and that's why he's so easy to love as a character. Anyone who is too good would be boring to watch.

Nick: Part of Raylan's character is he's forever stepping bending the line of the law to get things done, but Boyd is wrong to assume that Raylan is more bad than good. Raylan made a the choice to be on the side of good instead of being in the family business. He made something of himself that didn't require a career of crime.

Christine: I can't say Raylan is on the side of the angels. He frequently has the attitude that the end justifies the means but I still believe he's more good than bad. He doesn't hide behind that badge. He actually believes in what it stands for.

Jim: I think Boyd is trying to paint Raylan in black and white while, in reality, he has all sort of shades of grey to him. I agree with Christine that he doesn't hide behind his badge, but at the same time any action he takes he feels is ... justified.

Rate this season on a scale of 1 to 10.
Dan: Justified is one of the premiere dramas on television, and season four was no different. I give it a 9 out of 10.

Nick: 8.5. There were moments where I was confused or didn't really know where everything was going to go when compared to past seasons, but I chalk that up to me more than the show. It'll be great to the season from start to finish when the blu-ray comes out.

Christine: I'll give it a 8. Everyone chasing Drew Thompson had its highs and lows but I love these flawed, compelling characters whether good or bad. Once again, Justified delivered.

Jim: I'll give it an 8.5. I loved the Drew Thompson chase, but seeing Winona and Raylan kick ass in the finale reminded me how disappointed I was that Natalie Zea is no longer a regular cast member.

Will Boyd turn to Raylan for help getting Ava out of trouble?
Dan: I think Boyd realizes even Raylan can't help the Ava situation.  It's more likely that Boyd is just in for a complete downward spiral in the next season.

Nick: What can Raylan do? His options are limited since he's a marshall. Boyd has enough dirty money flowing through all of Harlan to get things done, and I would think he would start calling in favors and making that money fly before Raylan gets a call from him. What's more likely is Boyd will be placing some blame on Raylan for taking him away from Ava and setting this entire thing in motion - setting their good friends and good enemies relationship back in motion.

Christine: Boyd will do absolutely anything to help Ava. There love story is one of the things I love about this show but having her in prison will rock his world. I don't see how Raylan can help or even if he would but I do agree that the lines will be drawn and these two may be more enemies next season than ever before.

Jim: I wouldn't be surprised if he did approach Raylan, given their history. In the end, I'm not sure what Raylan could do short of exposing the "setup" nature of arrest.

Any storylines you felt didn't get wrapped up this season?
Dan: Not so much a storyline, but rather a question that was never answered. Did those people in the church come to see the hillbilly with the snakes? Or did they COOOOMMMMMEEEEE to be saved?  

Nick: All season we've been working towards finding Drew Thompson, and yes, they found him, but I would love to see him again and learn some more next season.

Christine: I was happy they brought Winona back but I wonder if Raylan will ever get to raise his child. I also want to know if we'll be seeing Drew Thompson and Ellen Mae again.

Jim: I'm with the others here, I wanted to see Drew one more time to feel like things were truly wrapped up.


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