Scandal Round Table: "Molly, You in Danger, Girl"

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It turns out that Albatross wasn't an open and shut simple case. When Olivia Pope & Associates found out Osborne wasn't the mole and his suicide was a set up, they had to kick thing into high gear on Scandal last week.

Join TV Fanatic staffers Miranda Wicker, Christine Orlando, Jim Garner and Leigh Raines - as well as Emily from ABC Scandal Fans - to discuss Scandal's latest episode, "Molly, You in Danger, Girl."


What was your favorite scene or quote from "Molly, You in Danger, Girl?"

Jim: I loved Quinn chiming in with Huck on why a storage unit was a bad place for a body. Huck is doing a great job of training her. 

Leigh: Quote had to be when David was all "gladiators in helmets, right?" because it was hilarious. This whole episode was incredible... how to narrow down a scene? I liked when Fitz called Cyrus and confessed about Verna and asked if "she would forgive him." At first I thought he meant Verna, then I realized he meant Olivia. It always comes back to Liv and Fitz realized he's not so innocent so who is he to be pointing fingers

Miranda: It's maybe a different choice, but I liked Jake getting Olivia to drink a beer with her Gettysburger. He has a way of pulling out a different side of her that really, really makes me want him not to be such a bad guy.

Christine: Mellie and Fitz's interview because it makes me look at every similar interview I've seen on TV differently. When you sell the lie long enough, it starts to feel like the truth.

Emily: David's "Gladiator in helmets." Harrison's reaction was great too.

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What are your thoughts about Jake now?

Jim: Jake is clearly protecting Olivia, but his motives seem to be borderline obsessive. There is a fine line between protector and stalker. 

Leigh: Confused as hell! I think he does like Olivia and he was trying to protect her. I want to know if that footage of a dude in her apartment was old or new...Could've been him posing. But also where was he going with that duck tape?

Miranda: Oh, Jake. JAKE! Why? I don't know what to think about him. I'm still holding out hope that Shonda's got some magic up her sleeve and he's not the major creep-o that he seems right now. That he didn't actually pull the trigger on Osborne and that he's just...not evil.

Christine: I'm a fan of actor Scott Foley so I'm still holding out hope that he turns out to be a good guy...but it's borderline at best right now. He's got a protective side but also a lying, stalker side too.

Emily: I'm still very wary of him, but this episode did raise a little doubt that maybe he's not the bad guy. I think the "intruder" he showed Olivia on the surveillance footage was convenient and gave him an "out" with her trust, but he could be legitimately protecting her and playing both sides. But calling Fitz to come to the hospital and now Charlie's involvement with Huck's attack is raising some doubt where Jake is concerned. 

Cyrus is somehow involved Huck/Charlie/the Mole. Discuss your theories.

Jim: Cyrus is ALWAYS involved when there is murder and mayhem. Charlie seems to do everything for him but pick up his dry-cleaning. 

Leigh: Something isn't adding up. I think Charlie is following Jake. So maybe Jake lured Huck to the storage unit knowing he would show up and then knocked him out. Charlie is following Jake, that's how he ended up at the hospital. Jake knows Olivia is not going to give up til she gets info, but he likes her and doesn't want to see her get offed so he's biding his time to figure out what to do.

Miranda: I'm completely blown away and also confused, but I like where Leigh's going. The ball cap is a spy trick so both Jake and Charlie have similar ball caps and Charlie was at the hospital because he's following Jake and not because Cyrus is involved with the mole. God, I think I just confused myself.

Christine: I don't know how Cyrus keeps so many balls in the air. I am frequently both horrified and impressed. I like Leigh's theory as well. It's as though they all keep circling one another and we're just waiting for someone to trip.

Emily: I have to say that this "conspiracy" is the first story- line that I don't have a theory on yet. The show's promo is dead-on referring to how "twisty" things are getting. Especially not knowing who Joe Morton's character is supposed to be or how he is involved. Since we have never met him before that leaves a huge gap of questions for me. I feel like Cyrus might only be tied into this one because he asked Charlie to look into Jake, but I think Charlie has his own agenda because of the attack on Huck. 

On a scale of 1 to 10, rate Fitz' ability to give advice about healthy relationships:

Jim: The advice Fitz gave Cyrus was spot on. A 10. However, beyond that, he should avoid at all cost trying to give advice on relationships until he can face his wife and kids without a fist full of Scotch!

Leigh: Given his state, can we go into negative numbers here? Fitz is so lost. He's a hot mess. I feel like Mellie and Cy give better advice, and they're hot messes too. Come to think of it, are there any normal healthy relationships on this show?

Miranda: Oh, Fitz, why do you have to go and be right despite having an absolutely miserable love life of your own? His advice to Cyrus was perfect. If Cyrus loves James he can't just give up. He has to fight. But at the same time, Fitz, you cannot be giving yourself that advice right now because you are married. And also the President. How much fighting for Olivia can you actually do. To actually answer the question,I give Fitz a 6. 

Christine: Maybe it's because he's screwed up his own love life beyond repair but his advice was pretty darn good. I'd give him an 8 for this one piece of advice but as a whole, Fitz should be the last person anyone asks for answers about love.

Emily: All things considered, I'd still give him a 7. You learn from your mistakes and things you regret. Sometimes I think really good advice can come from those who have already made the mistakes themselves and can worn you. Isn't that what parents do with their kids?

Better moment: David becoming de facto Team OPA or Quinn's verbal smackdown to Zeke?

Jim: Quinn's verbal smackdown wins! She has really come into her own and seeing her take the reigns and find Huck was awesome!

Leigh: Tie. Too hard to choose. Both were AWESOME. One was "I'm Quinn bitch" and the other was David finally really getting his foot in the door at OPA.

Miranda: Quinn putting Zeke in his place and Zeke's "damn girl" were awesome, but better moment, for me, goes to David. I've loved him since episode 1 and I'm so glad to see him wearing his white hat again and just sort of inserting himself into the inner workings of OPA. Love it.

Christine: Definitely Quinn's verbal smack down of Zeke. This girl has really come a long way since the show's premiere.

Emily: Definitely the "I'm Quinn Bitch" smack down. I LOVE that Quinn isn't pussyfooting around everything anymore! It makes her character much more fun and it's nice to see a character that's been walked all over woman-up. 

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