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When Grayden Osborne's wife comes to Pope and Associates, Olivia agrees to look into Osborne's apparent suicide. His death was too perfect, which leads the team to believe that his suicide was a set up.

Huck and Quinn stake out a 24 hour storage facility and Huck goes missing. Quinn is tasked with finding him while Harrison and Abby are working with David to track down Molly, the girl who pointed the finger at Grayden Osborne as the mole. 

Olivia and Jake's relationship heats up just before she learns a thing or two about this mysterious man she's been seeing. 

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Scandal Season 2 Episode 18 Quotes

Fitz: But you do love him.
Cyrus: Of course.
Fitz: Don't give up on him. If you love him. Just don't give up.

Jake: You are never home.
Olivia: I'm working.
Jake: So am I.