The Secret Life of the American Teenager Review: Bright Lights, Big City

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On The Secret Life of the American Teenager, it was finally that time of year when high school students go to visit potential colleges. In "Shiny and New," Grace left Jack to visit a few schools and Ben and Amy headed to New York.

How did the rest of the group react? Let's see...

Jack Worries

Jack has been battling post traumatic stress disorder since he was attacked by that pimp in The Secret Life of the American Teenager season 5 finale. Jack lied to Ricky and Adrian and told them that Grace has wanted him at the house since the attack, but really he's the one who is terrified to leave. Grace encouraged Jack to stay with his parents while she was visiting colleges. He also kind of gave away the truth when he so eagerly offered to stay with Ricky or Adrian if they needed any help around the house.

By the way, when did Jack get a gun? 

The whole scene of Jack, Ricky and Adrian at the coffee shop was very transparent. Everything they were all saying to each other was total BS. First Jack was downplaying his accident and PTSD. Adrian must've told Ricky she loved Omar like 100 times. We get it, you love Omar. I believe she does, but I think she'll always care for Ricky and was trying to prove a point.

How about that temper tantrum Adrian threw when Omar said he was taking the red-eye to New York for 24 hours to have lunch with his 73-year-old boss? She was so crazily jealous it was like high school Adrian! I love that Omar anticipated her reaction and knows to laugh it off when she gets like that. He loves her in spite of all that insane stuff and that's how you know it's real. I was actually proud that Adrian didn't call Ricky after that text from Ben.

Ben has just gone off the rails. This isn't news or anything, but Ben went through hell and back over the past few seasons with losing his baby and then he just threw caution to the wind. No more Mr. Nice Guy Ben. He told Amy he wants her. He eavesdropped on the plane and then reported it to the significant others. He's basically chasing Amy to New York. What's his endgame?

Speaking of this whole New York situation, what made Ricky have a change of heart. Was it Clementine's letter? Was it his conversation with Leo? He was so angry that morning that he demanded his ring back from Amy and a few hours later he was fine.

Ricky: If you love someone...

Amy: Finish it.

Ricky: Set them free. If they come back they're yours. If they don't, they never were. | permalink

This has always been a great quote and it looks like next week we'll get some answers regarding Ricky/Amy and New York. Will she decide she wants to go to Hudson University? Will she stay with Ricky and John? Will Jack finally get help? Hit the comments!

Shiny and New Review

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