Beauty and the Beast Exclusive: Sendhil Ramamurthy on Gabe's Backstory, Those Yellow Eyes and More!

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Ah, those yellow eyes.

While Beauty and the Beast fans recently found out that Gabe knew Catherine’s mother and was a Muirfield guinea pig as a child, it was also revealed that the Assistant District Attorney has more in common with Vincent than previously imagined. But what’s the big picture with him and his secret agenda?

I jumped on the phone yesterday with Sendhil Ramamurthy to get the lowdown on what Gabe really wants and what we can expect in the last two episodes of Beauty and the Beast Season 1...

TV Fanatic: How much of Gabe’s journey did you know going in or have you been learning as scripts have been coming in?
Sendhil Ramamurthy: I kinda knew the general arc that they were going for. When they first started talking to me about the show, I hadn’t seen the show so they sent me a bunch of episodes and I watched them and I was like ‘this is great but I don’t understand where an Assistant District Attorney fits into this whole thing. I’m not sure of the whole point of the character is.’ That’s when they explained to me that they were moving away from the procedural element of the show and it’s becoming more serialized. Gabe is an ADA but that’s not what his agenda is, that’s not what he does. And then once they told me that then I was on board.

TVF: First we found out that Gabe knew Cat’s mother and now we know he has a connection to Vincent. Is all this going to play out in this week’s episode or the finale?
SR: You get info in both episodes about that. Kind of how things went down and you get more insight into Gabe as far as how it was growing up like this and you get that sense that he’s a survivor first and foremost. He’s always had to fend for himself because he’s always been alone and an outcast. His human instinct and his beastly instinct is to survive at all costs. That’s what he knows. So you get an insight into that and a little bit more about the relationship with Muirfield as well as what they were up to and what they did.

Gabe and Catherine

TVF: Gabe now is a step closer to Vincent, but are his intentions good or bad at this point or are we not supposed to know yet?
SR: You find out in the next episode what his intention is. Also at the end of the next episode you find out about how difficult it’s going to be for him to achieve what he wants to achieve. The last scene of the episode there’s a big wrench that’s thrown into his plan. He wants to just meet Vincent and see if they can help each other. That is his initial intent but then then this wrench gets thrown in there that could change it.

The finale is how you see those circumstances change what Gabe has to do and how he has to go about doing it. We find that he’s got this corrupted DNA and he’s slowly but surely dying…[but] he’s a survivor and he’s going to do whatever it takes and it can and will lead to some kind of precarious situations and not necessarily what Gabe wants to do but what he’s been forced to do because of the circumstances surrounding his illness and sickness. You really do get the sense of the rock and the hard place that Gabe has been put in by Muirfield.

You also get a little glimpse into what his family like was like with these adopted parents, which I really enjoyed playing…and they’ve done a great job with these flashback sequences and we get a bit more of that, which really helps explain Gabe’s backstory.

TVF: Catherine has been reassuring Vincent that there’s nothing going on romantically between she and Gabe but is there something there on Gabe’s side?
SR: Listen, purely on a superficial level, she’s an attractive woman so Gabe thinks she’s attractive but he’s got much bigger fires to put out right now and the romance thing is not at the top of the list. That’s addressed, actually, in a roundabout way but it’s just not really in the realm of his thinking right now. But you get to see what his take on relationships in general are through stuff and his interaction with Tyler, Shantel VanSanten’s character.

They do a really great job of showing the different aspects of his life and how this whole beast situation he’s been dealing with his whole life permeates every aspect of his whole life. I’m really happy the writers covered that. You get to see how he is in relationships and how all the experiments that Muirfield has done on him [affects] how he deals romantically with people and how he dealt with his family and how it affected his family life. We haven’t really seen whether Gabe has any friends and I think the guy is really alone in the world and it’s kinda sad and it really informs all his decisions.

TVF: Your last few projects – Heroes, Covert Affairs and BATB – is that personally what you like when you’re watching TV or do you go for something different?
SR: For me personally, there are only a handful shows that I really watch. I tend to go for more realistic storytelling but, having said that, Game of Thrones has kind of blown my mind and that is over the top with dragons burning people but I really responded to that. But, in general, my TV tastes is more in the Breaking Bad vein and The Wire and Homeland and those kinds of shows.

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