Defiance Review: The Plague of Man

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It’s fair to say that we’ve explored a few dark story paths on Defiance so far, from Quentin killing Mr. Birch and throwing him into an underground lake... to Nolan shooting Sukar, resulting in a rift with Irisa.

But those were just a small visit for an afternoon picnic compared to the path "If I Ever Leave This World Alive" took us down this week.

Irathient Internment Camps
Rounding up the Irathients and locking them up in the mine was always going to end badly. Having some knuckle-headed miner decide it was a great idea to interrupt their prayers by bursting in - alone - and kick over their version of a cross had disaster written all over it. There was simply no way it was going to end without tears and a funeral. 

What makes it even sadder is that human history is filled with examples of this happening, so it’s not even made up. Fear makes humans do stupid things and repeating the past is certainly one of them. Part of me wishes that Nolan had started shooting to free Irisa; at least then he would have been trying to break the cycle of fear and hate.


Nicky and Doc Yewll
I’ve been intrigued about Doc Yewll for weeks, finding out that she was connected to Ben and Nicky has only frustrated me more. Nicky wants to destroy the planet and remake it and Doc Yewll doesn't seem to be against it too much. 

And now that Quentin has given her the medallion in trade for finding out that his Mom is alive and locked up someplace, she might just be able to do it. Here is hoping that Doc Yewll has grown something of a conscious working in Defiance and stops her.

Datak and Stahma Tarr
I saved the darkest for last. From the first episode I knew that Datak was dangerous and always has an agenda when he does things. I've begun to suspect for some time that Stahma was the real power behind Datak as well. Watching how easily Stahma shifted the call for the Mayor from Rafe to Datak and then how quickly he followed her instructions to release the Irathients proved the later point. 

But nothing could have prepared me for the outburst of him shooting the Irathient woman several times, then stomp kicking her while yelling "Shtako." followed by shooting Conner Lang, the only witness, to cover the "slip" in his image. 

This leads me to one conclusion: That evil bastard needs to die. 

The irony of the story heading so far down the dark path that we will need a lantern, a rope and a map to find out way back was that it was also one of the best offerings of the season. I’m giving the episode 4.6 wilted flowers in memory of Amanda’s lost love Connor Lang. 

What did you think of this episode? Did they cure the plague to quickly? Were you surprised by Datak’s outburst? Should Irisa have forgiven Nolan just for being willing to shoot Rafe for her? 

If I Ever Leave This World Alive Review

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Defiance Season 1 Episode 9 Quotes

Nolan: Whelp, you were stupid letting that one get away.
Connor: Yeah I was, and she's wrong about the whole thing. We're all going to be dead very soon. Want to get drunk?
Nolan: Nah, I'm on the clock.
Connor: Suit yourself.

Datak: Amanda, I do hope this town is big enough to withstand a little healthy competition.
Amanda: Of course Datak. I look forward to the challenge. It will be fun.