Jason George Previews Mistresses, How Things Get "Weird"

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Jason George isn't new to TV drama (Grey's Anatomy, anyone?), but the actor does take on a new role tonight when Mistresses premieres on ABC at 10/9c.

Not only did Jason give us great insights into his charming character Dominic, we also unearthed some of the star's hidden sword wielding talents and what made him scream at his TV screen last night.

Read on, TV Fanatics, for excerpts from this exclusive Q&A...


What attracted you to Mistresses... besides the incredibly hot Alyssa Milano who plays Savannah 'Savi' Davis?
Yeah, she was definitely the big perk in the gig. She is just really fantastic people. Ridiculously gorgeous and crazy smart. The thing for me was, I was not familiar with the BBC series but I liked the premise. I liked the idea of looking at infidelity from all different angles. You've got Yunjin Kim who plays Karen and has been a mistress for the last little bit. Rochelle Aytes character (April) is dealing with the fall out of her husband having had a mistress. Then you've got Alyssa right in the middle. We see her collide in this moment with Dom, my character and this thing happens that night and you've got a decision to make. Looking at the consequences that her friends have had to deal with from either side. Do I want this thing to continue further as an affair or do I want it to be done and it's a mistake?  Not helping things is that she has this little sister who is a free spirit who you know, if she wants you she's going to have you. She's not attached to anybody. She doesn't care. Your vows are your problem is Jes Macallan's character (Josslyn) kind of attitude.

Jason George as Dominic Taylor

Does this show follow the UK version or does it go off on its own path?
It goes on its own path. I think there are going to be a lot of key elements for the people who have seen the BBC one. They'll definitely check it out and see some of the familiarity but it's a new story at the end of the day. You start in the same room but then it starts hooking some right turns that you didn't see in the BBC version.

Dominic is definitely a charmer. What can you tell us about him?
Dominic, he's that guy. He's driven. He's passionate about stuff. He's professional at his work and he's a ridiculous flirt. That's generally how he relates to women but there's real substance underneath that. His thing is, Savannah is his friend. She also happens to be his work wife. They are a perfect team at work. They get on great. They both push each other to be the best they can be in going further up the ladder and they get on great. So in the back of his mind…if she weren't married but she is so we'll just work and give her a hard time and have fun with it, knowing that it's never going to happen. Until it does. And then things get weird for him. You push on a door long enough and expect it to be locked and then one day it opens up and you fall flat on your face and you have to figure out what is this new sensation. Because you never really allowed yourself to really think about it that much.

I've read that you considered being a lawyer before you went into acting. So is this role the best of both worlds?
It really is. I definitely have that side of my brain. I do a lot of work with SAG, the actor's union which is basically where all the actors who love to play lawyers go to get their lawyer on. Everybody gets in a room and tries to get their politician. So it's like, everyone who plays lawyers or did The West Wing or get their politician on or wants to play the President some day, they go on to the union and make speeches and all this other junk. It's hysterical.

But I was headed to law school. That was the plan. I had gotten to be tight with a Supreme Court Justice of Virginia where I grew up. The whole plan was, I was going to get the grades, he was going to write the recommendation to law school. I was going to go clerk for him and I'd be a made man in the state of Virginia. I took an acting class and everything just went to Hell.

You've played so many characters on different shows over the years. Have you had a favorite of a most challenging?
Two come to mind immediately. One was the role and the other was the show as a whole. One was a show I did called Platinum. It was basically the Godfather set in the world of hip hop. Literally Sofia Coppola, Francis Ford Coppola's daughter was one of the creators of it. I was like the Michael Corleone character. The younger brother who everybody thinks is more mainstream and the nicer one but in reality he's the most Machiavellian, scary one. He's got his own code of ethics and that was a really fun character to play. He wasn't completely certain what he was capable of or how deep and how hard he could get.

Then there was another show I did. It was really about the whole concept of the show. It was Eli Stone on ABC. I loved the show. The premise of the show was this lawyer starts having visions that he's talking to God. Of course his visions come in the form of George Michael singing "You've Got to Have Faith" and then he finds out that he has a tumor. One of the beautiful things about the show was, is he a prophet of God or is he just crazy due to this tumor? Is he just hallucinating? One of the fundamental things about faith, it was philosophical. You've got to chose to believe. You've got to buy in. And he ends up doing these phenomenal things because he chooses to believe even though he doesn't want to. He becomes a reluctant hero. That was a really cool premise of the show, I thought. I made some really good friends on it.

If you had the opportunity to star on one current TV show, other than Mistresses or Grey's Anatomy, what would be your dream job?
Man, I just finished watching Game of Thrones last night. I mean, Grey's Anatomy is my home. Game of Thrones or Homeland is a very close second. Game of Thrones had me talking to my television wishing death upon fictional characters. It had me yelling and walking around the house. It was bad. It was bad. Plus the other part is, when I went to graduate school and studied acting, sword work is one of my favorite things in the world. I would love to get on there and show some steel and mix it up a little bit.

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