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-Savi (Savi) Davis, an attorney finds her marriage on the rocks when she and her husband Harry find out their fertility problems are his issues not hers.


-Savi's associate at work, Dominic constantly flirts with her. When her husband once again rejects her, Savi ends up having sex with Dominic at work.


-Savi's sister, Josslyn is a realtor and party girl. She turns down an oceanfront love nest from her married boss and feels a kinship towards Alex, one half of a lesbian couple she's helping search for a home.


-April's husband passed away three years ago. She's just starting to date again but has been getting prank phone calls which she thinks are signs from her husband that she shouldn't move on. 


-Savi helps April track down the phone calls. They are from a woman who claims she was in love with April's husband, that they were having an affair that produced a child.


-Dr. Karen Kim is a psychologist who falls in love with her fatally ill patient, Tom and they have an affair. Karen prescribes morphine for Tom which he has his wife use on him to end his life.


-Tom's son knows his father was having an affair and both suspects Karen and has a crush on her.


-The insurance company questions the cause of Tom's death and an investigation is started that may have dire consequences for Karen.

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Mistresses Season 1 Episode 1 Quotes

Customer: Is this the sexy sheet section?
April: This is the satin section. What's sexy to one person is a slippery elbow in the face to someone else.

Savi: Where's your wedding ring?
Harry: It's in my pocket.
Savi: Put it on.