The Vampire Diaries Scoop: Delena, Jeremy and More!

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At the ATX Television Festival earlier this month, Julie Plec took the stage for a Q&A with fans offered up some serious Vampire Diaries Season 5 scoop.

What does the future hold for Elena and Damon? How will Jeremy possibly explain his revival? What villain is out there lurking, unbeknownst to our favorite Mystic Falls residents?

Julie Plec at ATX

Plec offered up the following teases in response to these inquires and more:

  • Delena really will begin a “new relationship,” and “try to make it work.” But, as you might guess, it won't go smoothly because there's a “villain in their midst they don’t know is a villain at the beginning.” We're looking at you, Silas/Fake Stefan!
  • Yes, Hayley is pregnant with Klaus' baby. But, unlike Damon and Elena, these two will NOT be making a go of it on The Originals: “Hayley is, by no means, the Cinderella in the Klaus love story. Hayley is a girl who’s pretty tough, fiery, independent … a survivor in her own right who got drunk, had sex and got knocked up. She’s going to have her own journey. She’s not really meant to be a threat to Klaus’ love life.”
  • Silas and his story are not going anywhere: “[It's] a  pretty cool mythology that will carry on in terms of Silas, and the mystery of his past — 1,000 or 2,000 years ago.”
  • Class itself may be "boring," Plec says, but Whitemore College will play a key role: “We always knew that Grams was a professor who taught the occults and that Aunt Jenna was off getting her master’s degree. So we set up Whitmore knowing that we’d be going to college in year five.”
  • And finally Jeremy is alive again. Hooray! But how exactly will he explain this to his friends? Plec has the same question: “What the hell cover story is that going to be? How’s he going to explain that? He had a memorial service! There were flyers!”

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