Drop Dead Diva Review: Attractive Nuisance

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Did Grayson do something terrible in a past life or something? Because he's having the luck of a dung beetle in this one, at least when it comes to his love life.

"Cheaters" once again dangled the possibility of Jane and Grayson in front of Drop Dead Diva fans... only to rip it away.

The SATs

Let's just discuss Grayson's love life overall for a moment:

First, he loses the love of his life in a tragic car accident. Then, he falls for Jane as she's about to get married. One kiss was so against the universe's laws that Owen almost dropped dead. What is the point of the whole clause that says if Jane ever gets together with Grayson terrible things will happen?

There's no point and it hurts two people. I don't think I've been this sad about Jane and Grayson since the episode when he had the pianist at the bar play the song from Ghost to see if she really was Deb reincarnated. Of course "Unchained Melody" is an incredibly emotional song on its own, but still that scene just gutted me. 

Don't get me wrong, I really like Owen but I'm also so sick of keeping those two apart. As for Owen... when is he going to stop with his biting remarks? He has every right to be angry and bitter but then why bother taking a job at Jane's firm. Some of his comments are just exasperating. Is he going to punish her forever? 

In my experience the people who appear least likely to cheat are the ones you gotta watch out for. | permalink

The cases on this episode weren't exactly riveting. To be honest, the whole Adderall one was a joke. Don't get me wrong, the abuse of prescriptions is very realistic - but is some mom really going to jail because they think she shared her prescription with her son? It felt like a reach, illegal or not.

What do you think of Stacy's plan to have a baby? Are you enjoying Paul as the latest guardian angel? I find him very entertaining. Hit the comments with your thoughts on the latest Drop Dead Diva!

Cheaters Review

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Drop Dead Diva Season 5 Episode 4 Quotes

In my experience the people who appear least likely to cheat are the ones you gotta watch out for.


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