Drop Dead Diva Review: Grow Up or Give Up

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With Parker out of the office (and off the show), the law firm needed someone to step up and take over. On the latest episode of Drop Dead Diva. Kim made a huge call and hired Owen to be a partner at the firm.

Needless to say, "Surrogates" brought a lot of tension to the workplace.

Barbara Corcoran Guest Stars

Up until this point, Jane and Owen still haven't really confronted each other much about what happened at the wedding. What Jane said to Owen at the end was right. More than anything she just wanted him to speak to her. Even if it was yelling, which is something Owen deserved to do, the silence was what was weighing on Jane the most.

The conversation that followed was heartbreaking, but truthful and necessary. If Owen won't be able to move past what took place between Jane and Grayson, it's time for them to move on - especially now that they're working together! Owen's been finding little ways to make his hurt known. In last week's "The Real Jane," Owen took over as the judge on Grayson's case to make him uncomfortable.

Here, he assigned Jane to a woman whose fiance dumped her two days before the wedding. He wanted her to seek emotional damages, not just monetary. Owen wanted Jane to explain this woman's pain and make the jury feel how heartbroken she was. He even ended up letting Pam, the jilted fiance, give her own closing. It was definitely sad and it was definitely a turning point. She realized that she and Owen needed to face the music.

In the words of Barbara Corcoran, known to Stacy as just the mean businesswoman who bought her pakery:

Grow up or give up. | permalink

I definitely don't mean it as harshly as Barbara did, but the underlying message was important. Jane and Owen could grow from what happened or they just have to give up and move forward. Unfortunately it looks like they are going towards the "give up" route.

Other Notes:

  • Guardian Angel Paul is a total hottie! But also a total novice on the job.
  • Kim had a strong case, but her feelings for it were definitely enhanced by Parker leaving her.
  • How did Owen just become a partner that quickly? Doesn't really add up.

What did you all think of this week's Drop Dead Diva? What do you think of Owen becoming a partner? Are Owen and Jane over for good?

Surrogates Review

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Drop Dead Diva Season 5 Episode 3 Quotes

Jane: Where did you even find this woman?
Owen: At my jilted fiances support group.

Grow up or give up.

Businesswoman [to Stacy]