True Blood Round Table: "Don't You Feel Me"

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True Blood aired an especially eventful episode this week, one that featured a beheading, a shooting and some seriously hot faerie sex.

What was the best scene from "Don't You Feel Me?" Will we miss Terry Bellefleur? What the heck was up with Sookie banging Barlow? Round Table panelists Leigh Raines, Chris O'Hara and Liz Henderson from break it all down in the following edition of this TV Fanatic feature...


What was your favorite scene from the episode?
Liz: I have two. I loved when Willa told off her father. She totally took him down and then rejected him. My second is when Arlene was singing to Terry as he died. I cried.

Chris: Had to be Bill “walking on sunshine” and beheading the governor.

Leigh: I don't want to copy Chris, but Bill walking onto the governor's compound was pretty amazing. I liked the scene with Lafayette, Sookie and Warlow when Lafayette said "There go the neighborhood!" Somebody pass him a blunt and a glue gun cause it's gonna get even crazier down in Bon Temps!

True Blood Round Table

Were you shocked by Terry's death?
Liz:It was expected, but sad. Terry really had no purpose on the show anymore and his death will likely be the "bringing back to Bon Temps" event that the showrunner Brian Buckner has been working toward. It'll be a time for all the people we met in season one to come together once again without battling vampires or weres or witches.

Chris: I wasn’t surprised, but I felt for him and Arlene. Terry had only a few hours of peace from his demons before dying. If his marine buddy was such a crack shot, couldn’t he have put Terry down a little cleaner? Or maybe that was intentional.

Leigh: No, but it was very sad. Because he was glamoured he had no recollection of putting the hit on himself and therefore couldn't stop it. At least he had a few happy hours and died in Arlene's arms.

Was the sex scene between Sookie and Warlow real or a dream sequence?
Liz: I'm leaning toward dream. There were too many things that were so uncharacteristic of Sookie. For one thing, she'd never refer to herself as a '"danger whore" and then follow it up with "might as well just go with it" kind of attitude. That's not Sookie. My friend pointed out that it felt like a guy's fantasy about a hot chick. And the light at the end seemed to me to be the beginnings of waking up out of the dream.

Chris: I thought it a dream up to where they started glowing together, but Sookie biting Warlow was a tad aggressive for her, so I am leaning toward dream.

Leigh: I think it was real. They went to that random weird fairy sanctuary. I think Sookie is giving into her carnal side and just letting herself feel what she feels. The Adventures of Danger Whore!!!

Eric vs. Pam: An epic fight scene or a big mess?
Liz: Oh my gosh, it was fantastic! Not only the action itself but the fact that we have Eric and Pam working together once again. They didn't even have to say a single word to each other about what they were planning to do. It was a nice reminder of how well these two know each other, even after all that has happened to drive a wedge between them. Well done!

Chris: I thought the way they turned the tables on the guards and the onlookers was great. To anyone who says it was a miss, I would give them the “Are you not entertained?!?” line from Gladiator.

Leigh: Well... it wasn't really a fight scene so I'd say it was a big mess for the LAVTF. Pam and Eric are too smart for them.

Bill showed some resistance to Lilith. Can he eliminate her completely?
Liz: Lilith has been pretty useless to Bill, and while I loved watching him stand up to her, I think he will not be able to get rid of her on his own. It still has to be Warlow who does that. Only he can and we've had a few hints at that throughout this season.

Chris: It seems to me that Bill has his “feminine side” in check so long as he doesn’t slip into a coma. Maybe if he offers up Warlow she will release him.

Leigh: I think the only way for Bill to eliminate Lilith is to die himself. That promo from Comic Con showed something that looked like a dead Bill so perhaps that might be what's in store.

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