True Blood Round Table: "You're No Good"

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Welcome to the latest edition of The True Blood Round Table!

This week, TV Fanatics Chris O'Hara and Leigh Raines are joined by Liz Henderson of as they break down "You're No Good," an episode that featured the return of the Newlins, Eric as his flirtatious best and a lot more!

Scroll down now and jump in with your responses to these questions below...


What did you make of Eric’s newest fan, Willa? Is he simply using her? Or did you sense some chemistry there?
Chris: Eric can be cold and brutal, but we have seen him have a spot in his heart for the damsel in distress (i.e. Sookie.) So while I think he initially kidnapped her for leverage, I can see him having to face a tough decision at some point as his feelings for her grow.

Leigh: There was definitely more chemistry between him and Willa than there was with him and Ginger! Yes, I think Eric will end up hooking up with Willa. That scene in the coffin was slightly erotic.

Liz: I wouldn't be surprised if she wanted to become vampire, but right now I think she just wants whatever will hurt her father. It was pretty obvious he didn't care about her at all, and I think Willa is more like her mother, or at least wants to be. I don't think she is a love interest for Eric, but he's a fascination for her. On a side note, I loved the parallel between Bill's progeny (Jessica) and Eric's (Pam). Children arguing with their parents!

True Blood Round Table

What is wrong with Jason?
Chris: Could it be he is having some were-panther relapse from his days of torment with Crystal and her crazy clan?

Liz: Jason was hit by a whopping blast of faerie power when Russell Edgington found Hot Wings last season. In True Blood time, that happened only about five days ago. I think that his hallucinations and now the headaches are side effects of that blast. He only feels that pain when someone is doing fairy magic.

Leigh: Liz makes a good point about him being blast with a ton of faerie power. Maybe he absorbed it somehow? If he turns into a werepanther and that trashy storyline come back, I will cry.

More emotional scene: Sookie talking about her parents with Jason or Eric saying goodbye to Fangtasia?
Chris: Eric saying goodbye to his beloved club, glancing nostalgically at his throne, would be my choice. That throne represents a different time, where Eric ruled the night. It must have been such a rush for him to sit up there openly as a vampire after so many centuries living a life in the shadows.

Leigh: I think Eric and Pam getting along and connecting for that one second when they said goodbye was emotional. As was Eric glancing at his throne. But ultimately he knows he has to change to survive and Fangtasia is now a part of his past.

Liz: Sookie and Jason, no question. And I think it needed to happen after the events following their escape from the Authority HQ. Things were said between them that needed to be mended.

What was your favorite scene?
Chris: I really am enjoying the new dynamic with Sam and Lafayette. Lafa has had his back a few times already this season and this week he reminded us all why. Sam gave him a chance and a job when no one else would.

Leigh: Eric and Willa in the coffin was sensual and enjoyable, no doubt about it. However, I am absolutely loving the bond and relationship between Bill and Jessica this season. When she saved him I was so happy she decided to stay with him. Ditto to Bill letting Jess go get the professor and jump in on his plans.

Liz: The above scene between Sookie and Jason.

What was your favorite quote?
Chris: Jason: Did I get Him?/Niall: No, hot shot, you didn’t get him/Sookie: Well, the king of all fairies didn’t get him either. Don’t be condescending to my brother.

The bond between Sookie and Jason is back like it used to be.

Leigh: Small scene but made me giggle: Jason finding pills at Sookie's and praising "Thank you Lafayette!" Because remember when Lafayette was a V-slinging, pill popping, hilarious drug dealer? Nothing wrong with a little Laffa praise, he is the best.

Liz: Eric's “It’s okay, Ginger. I understand. You’re stupid.”  Man, I love Ginger!

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