True Blood Review: Burning Man

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Is there no end to Eric Northman's charm?

Whether it was a case of Stockholm Syndrome, or his utter indifference, Willa Burrell most certainly had a thing for her captor as the two cozied up in Ginger's coffin on "You're No Good." Eric was smart not to listen to either Tara or Pam, though, as she proved to be a good source of intel.

Even if Eric finds the camp, any good he does will be short-lived, considering the government will surely just build others, if they haven't already. Luckily Bill seemed to be on the path to discovering a more long-term remedy that would help humans and vampires coexist.

After nearly walking himself to the true death, Bill had an epiphany it seemed. Coexisting in the daylight may be the road to salvation. Along with the professor Jessica was sent to seduce, Bill seemed fixated on finding a way to synthesize a new brand of True Blood, one infused with the same quality fairy blood possesses that enables vampires to walk in the sunlight.

Return of Steve

It shouldn't have shocked anyone to see Sookie deny Bill a sample of her blood, but his "you are dead to me" response did catch me off guard. Fortunately for Sookie, Bill won't be pressuring her further, not after he discovered Andy's new family and the scent of their fairy blood. I hope he takes just what he needs and doesn't massacre them like Warlow did the fae at the club. 

Speaking of which: were we really supposed to believe Ben spent the entire night searching in vain for that field? I am still a tad suspicious that he might be helping Warlow. The fact Sookie can feel him in her head unlike anyone else also gave me cause for concern. 

Sookie, we know, can at least defend herself, but mixed up in this whole supernatural sh-t show still is Jason. Concussions or not, those headaches he was having are not the sort conventional medicine can cure. What do you think is plaguing our boy? 

Sam is no doubt still suffering from a broken heart at the loss of Luna, but he hasn't even had time to grieve, what with trying to get Emma back. Lucky for him, he is not alone. I loved when Lafayette refused to let Sam take this challenge on by himself, sighting how when no one else would give him a shot, Sam did. Lafayette continued to make the most of his still limited screen time on True Blood Season 6

Competition for scenes was made even more intense this week with the return of Holly Cleary and Sarah Newlin. The first shared some cute scenes with Andy as he taught her how to shoot, while feebly trying to stay made at him and keep his daughter's from reading her thoughts. I loved when she yelled "stay out of my head number three!" 

Sarah was less forgiving when she came face to face with her ex. She did look stunning as ever though and full of self empowerment now that she has made it on her own. With Steve apparently not long for the world, I wonder if she will go looking for Jason to settle some old scores as well. Or maybe just for an old fashioned romp. It has been too long since the flatbed of his truck has seen some action. 

Finally, we were left wondering along with Eric and Pam where Tara had run off to with Willa. Tara knew having her around was only going to make trouble for them. Tara wants Pam to herself, but Pam won't ever leave Eric. Let us know what you think Tara is up to as well as your thoughts on the episode.  

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I can barely remember the last time I wasn't in danger. Danger, it's a fact of life for me.


Not even you believe that.

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