Burn Notice Review: Men and Monsters

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Michael learned exactly what the organization that Sonya and Burke do this week, as James laid it out for him to face the "Nature of the Beast." Yes, he and his operatives find monsters and eliminate them. 

James certainly has a nice sales pitch for joining his team. To be fair to James, in a lot of ways his mission fits Michael better than working for the CIA. Which made me wonder for a few minutes if Burn Notice might be going for a"dark side" anti-hero ending to the series. 

Deep Cover

I've only watched one show brave enough to take the anti-hero route: Forever Knight, which ran for three seasons back in the mid-90s and was the story of a vampire trying to regain his humanity by working as a cop. In the final episode, he gave in to his inner-monster, quit being a cop, gave up the girl he wanted and went back to being a creature of the night. Totally shocking fans of the show in the process. Hell, it's been almost 20 years and I still remember it.

Could Matt Nix be planning the same thing?

Think about it. How awesome would it be to see Michael and Fiona reunited, teamed up and doing what they do best: taking down bad guys. But, instead of just being Miami thugs, these targets are big enough to be considered true monsters. Okay, so maybe they become wanted by the CIA and fugitives from the law, but aren't they already, really?

But that train of thought was derailed abruptly when we were introduced to Peter Mallard, played by Ben Cotton (The Killing). Peter and James were in the same unit in the military. James has had Peter locked away for 15 years, heavily drugged. Strong finding Peter resulted in two major discoveries for me:

  1. James’ last name is Kendrick. 
  2. James is crazy enough to kill his entire military unit to avoid following orders to kill women and children. 

Granted, not wanting to kill innocent lives is commendable and to be fair he didn't kill Peter, he just kept him out of the way. And I’m even starting to convince myself that James is doing the right thing and not a bad guy. Damn you, John Pyper-Ferguson, for being so ruggedly handsome and making me want to trust James!

At this point I honestly don’t know how Michael is going to get out of this one or if he will even want too. Fiona tends to be a bit of a rebel, if she was suddenly on board with ruggedly-handsome-sociopath Michael might start drinking the Kool Aid himself!  

Overall, it was another great episode. I’m giving the episode 4.3 crayon drawings for Charlie’s artistic skills at lunch. I wonder if he really drew Madeline a picture of a cigarette like she asked? 

Nature of the Beast Review

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Burn Notice Season 7 Episode 8 Quotes

Madeline: If you keep doing this you're going to lose that young man of yours who I think you care very much about.
Fiona: I know. If I do this, I risk losing him and if I don't and the mission fails, I lose him anyway.
Madeline: Then I suggest you get on with your day.

Marco: Tell me something Mr. Finley, what does a consortium like yours want with a man like me?
Sam: Well, we're moving into this region and need someone with influence, contentions. Someone who isn't afraid as they say get their hands a little bloody.
Marco: I found that blood always washes right off.