Franklin & Bash Review: For the Love of Rob Lowe

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The Franklin & Bash season 3 finale took a couple of turns I didn't see coming. But most importantly it poured on the fun. Too bad the entire season felt as though it was "Gone in a Flash."

Any time a show starts off on the beach, I'm smiling - and add extra points to Jared, who may love the beach but couldn't care less about jogging on it. He was all to happy to let Peter run off after Charlie.

The Big Fraud

Speaking of Charlie, this was the first time we met her ex and Tess' father. Unfortunately, the guy was a jerk. It could have been just one more excuse for Peter to back out of their relationship.

But surprisingly Peter hasn't been scared off yet. Despite the looming reality of a long distance romance with a single mom with a crazy ex, Peter still appeared to be head over heals with Charlie. I wished she had said goodbye in the morning but maybe it was just too hard. Either way it looked as though they made the most of their last night as neighbors.

Much of this episode revolved around everyone's obsession with Rob Lowe. Whether it was Pindar with his drone, Stanton and his sword or the insurance investigator who was a secret fanboy, it appeared that anyone who got close to the handsome actor was caught by his gravitational pull.

The season-long sparring match finally concluded with a much anticipated appearance of Mr. Lowe, who made fun of the boys, made amends with Infeld, and stole Pindy's Ab Belt. All while Damien was out skinny dipping.

Speaking of Damien, he certainly had a rough season, but I had to give him credit. No matter how many times he got knocked down, he just kept getting up. But Rachel King was the shocker of the night.

First, she had celebratory sex on a desk with Damien. I didn't see that coming. 

Then - practically before his pants were zipped - she stabbed him in the back with the judicial committee and turned it back on him in this Franklin & Bash quote

Rachel: I put you in a position to succeed. It's not my fault you clubbed a judge to death. | permalink

I'll admit, that's a difficult obstacle to overcome but I never expected Rachel to be that much of a cold hearted bitch that she'd undermine Damien for a chance at the judicial seat herself. 

The most surprising line of the night occurred when Rachel found out neither one of them got the job.

Damien: Celia Moreno is now the new county Superior.
Rachel: The butch, one armed, Hispanic women? They just decided to check all the boxes. | permalink

A few side notes:

  • Which was worse? Jared's obsession with Dirty Dancing Havana Nights or the investigator's love of St. Elmo's Fire?
  • My husband claims Damien achieved every teenaged boy's TJ Hooker fantasy with Heather Locklear in this episode.
  • Loved the modernized Say Anything homage between Charlie and Peter but it's not quite as powerful without the huge boom box.
  • I kind of wondered what Damien's electrified corpse costume at age 9 actually looked like.

Even a fun-filled Franklin & Bash season finale leaves me a little melancholy as it signifies that summer is coming to an end. Here's to hoping we get to spend more time on the beach with the boys next year.


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