Low Winter Sun Review: Who Do You Trust?

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Sometimes I feel like Frank Agnew and Joe Geddes give each other so many glances, there should be some romantic saxophone music in the background. If this were a comedy.

Except Low Winter Sun is clearly no sitcom and those longing looks are less of love and more on forced connection because of the Brendan McCann murder. But still, they stare a lot.

And on some level, it's smart they keep an eye on each other because the level of corruption runs so deep in this world, it's hard to see any character making a clean getaway.

Hiding Evidence

Certainly, with an eyewitness of the murder, the possibility of Agnew and Geddes going down seemed more probable than ever.

I knew that the two would find a way out of their bind, but it didn't lessen the tension of questioning the witness and learning he saw a black man and a white man at the crime scene send McCann's vehicle into the water. He didn't recognize the detectives, but his account was pretty spot on.

But it was interesting to see how easily they were able to mess with the witness' mind too. I know they were doing it to get the guy off their scent, but it definitely showed how with the right questioning, the reliability of a witness could be broken. Those two are safe. For now.

It's still pretty difficult to want to side with Geddes as likable, even if he does try and be the charismatic cop. And sure, he let Katia go after a graphic cut up session, except admitting he should have killed her after the fact doesn't give him the redemption an act like that could have given him.

I just hope that Agnew doesn't underestimate his partner in crime.

The whole concept of trust rings true of the situation, a matter that Simon Boyd pointed out to Agnew. It was kind of funny that he implied that it wasn't that he trusted Agnew in discussing the McCann/Geddes case, but rather, he distrusted him the least.

The same argument of trust was relevant to Damon Callis and his crew in trying to get the Blind Pig ready for his seedy customers.

He or Maya didn't have to turn to the war veteran, Nick, but they did. And it paid off. Although, he seems to be coming into the fold pretty fast.

I do wonder how long Damon can keep his new business venture a secret from Skelos and/or start a war with the Greek side of town. Dealing with the criminal underworld doesn't sound like a walk in the park.

"No Rounds" was a decent episode that continued the murder coverup, further revealed that gritty underbelly of lies and corruption and that sometimes getting in the ring can be a good thing. Just don't get knocked out.

No Rounds Review

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