True Blood Round Table: "Life Matters"

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That was an awful episode of True Blood.

But despite the total filler of Terry's funeral and the absence of Warlow, Round Table panelists Chris O'Hara and Leigh Raines are joined below by Liz Henderson of to rundown the penultimate installment of True Blood Season 6...


What was your favorite scene from the episode?
Chris: Sookie’s story and flashback to the first time Terry met Arlene, for several reasons. It was a big moment for Sookie, admitting her power to everyone. It also was a glimpse back to a simpler time on True Blood - and it reminded us that despite all the madness surrounding their relationship and its tragic end, Terry and Arlene really did share something special.

Leigh: It was very short, but when Jessica went back to save Bill and kissed him on the forehead. I loved that James came with her and that she would never abandon her maker. Then they all walked out together

Liz: I loved it when Jason had the gun on Sarah Newlin. The dialog was wonderful for him, and then when he made the decision not to shoot her because that's not what he does, I was very happy. I really thought he'd be the one to take her down, but after listening to what he was saying to her I'd rather Jason didn't blotch his soul with the likes of her.

True Blood Round Table

Terry's funeral: Beautiful and touching... or a total and complete waste of time?
Chris: The funeral was very touching and it brought together so many beloved characters. Arlene also found peace in the military tribute, which she had been dreading.

Leigh: I'm not gonna lie, it was really long and the flashbacks of him and Andy were kind of slow. But I do see the point in having it take up half the episode and I loved that everyone got involved, especially Sookie's speech which indeed took us back to the simpler days at Merlottes. Great of Alcide to show after he's been such a dick this season.

Liz: Beautiful and touching. I think this season has made me shed more tears than all of the previous ones put together. Everyone's words were so wonderful. I loved Andy's flashback and Arlene's coming to terms with Terry's death finally. But the most important thing that happened was when Sookie outed herself as a telepath in front of all Bon Temps. Terry's entire sendoff was beautifully done from beginning to end.

Should Jason have killed Sarah Newlin?
Chris: Sarah is misguided and delusional, but I was glad Jason did not kill her. Not because I think she deserved mercy, but because Jason didn’t deserve to carry her death on his conscience.

Leigh: She's one crazy bitch but no. Great scene with Jason's pretend talk to Jason. I agree with Chris and Liz that Jason doesn't need anyone's death on his conscience. Sarah as also a great comeback this year.

Liz: In light of what he said to her, no. Jason may be a lot of things but he's not a cold-blooded killer and by the way, he's still an officer of the law.

Where does Eric's testicle yanking rank among grossest True Blood scenes?
Chris: Eric’s “hand job” was most definitely the most intense and brutal death scenes I can recall. Beneath all his charm and funny quips, Eric is a killer and a complete badass.

Leigh: Holy Eff, honestly that was brutal but awesome. I think I was oddly more grossed out when Sarah killed Suzuki last week and like ripped her ankle and we heard it. Maybe Eric should be sent to deal with all rapists and child molesters in jail. Just a thought.

Liz: That was the grossest thing I've ever seen on this show. Worse even than Bill and Lorena's twisted sex scene. I wish I could unsee that.

Make one bold prediction for the season finale.
Chris: The scene where Pam told Eric not to leave her was hard hitting, but she also has Tara to fall back on. I think it would be interesting to see Pam rebuild her life and to find herself again, but I feel like she will be doing so without Tara. Tara will die is my prediction.

Leigh: I didn't think we'd save the vamps this week entirely, so now I'm thrown off. Next week will definitely deal with the repercussions of the tainted TruBlood and angry vamps wanting justice. I think Sookie will prepare to turn and that's how we'll get our cliffhanger. Can I also mention how uncool it is that we're only getting 10 episodes this season? I feel like they pulled a fast one on us.

Liz: That's a tough one because they haven't really given us a clue as to what kind of storyline they'll come up with for next season. Nothing to speculate about. Perhaps I can make a prediction and go against the rumor mill by saying that Eric, Bill and Sookie will all be back. They'll be looking for a mythological potion that can reverse the vampire curse and make all the vampires human again. What? It's been done already? Oh well, I tried.

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True Blood Season 6 Episode 9 Quotes

Bill: We made a deal Sookie.
Sookie: I know we did Bill, but Eric took our deal and fucked it in the ass.

I'm gnawing at my own arm and you're gonna drop fang on me?


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