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After the long summer hiatus, Castle fans tuned in Monday night to find out #WhatWillSheSay? - and they weren't disappointed.

Within minutes, "Valkyrie" gave us the answer we were waiting for... and then launched into an intense two-parter that left us counting the hours until next Monday's "Dreamworld."

Below, TV Fanatics Jim Garner, Courtney Morrison, Chandel Charles, and Christine Orlando are joined by Bobbie from the Castle fan forum The 12th to share what they thought Kate's answer would be and what they wished they had seen from the two-month time jump.


At the end of last season, did you hope that Kate would say yes, no, or not yet?

Jim: I was hoping she would say yes. I was thrilled that she said yes in the first two minutes of this episode. We've seen other shows (looking at you The Glades) that took the entire hour (or more) to get to the answer after making us wait months!

Courtney: Of course I wanted her to say yes!! These two are perfect for each other and I just hope the distance doesn't ruin them.

Chandel:  I was hoping not yet because I feel like they have a lot to work through in their relationship before they take such a huge step! 

Bobbie: I was hoping she would say not yet when the season ended. Coming off of all the angst of the last few episodes, I really felt they needed to deal with their communication issues first. As it turns out, I loved the proposal scene but I still think they'll need to be more open with each other if it's going to work.

Christine: At the end of "Watershed" I was thinking not yet! They have so many things to work out but I couldn't be happier that she said yes. Now that they're certain they want a future with one another, it should be a lot of fun to see them sort through their issues together.

Castle RT - depreciated -

Assuming Castle doesn't die, how should he handle Alexis' new boyfriend Pi?

Jim: Well, in "Life of Pi" the Pi is set adrift in a rowboat with a tiger, I'm pretty sure Castle could find a rowboat and some sort of man-eating beast, right?

Courtney: He better prepare himself. I'm guessing that Pi will not be the only "interesting" boyfriend Alexis is going to bring home. She's a smart girl, she will figure it out before Castle has to handle it.

Chandel:  I think he should give Pi a chance. He is definitely a lot different from the other guys Alexis has dated, but I think she's a smart girl and has her reasons.

Bobbie: I like that Castle set the tone right away by saying he'd be sleeping on the couch. I think Castle will need to be clear that it's his home and his rules but he can also get to know the guy for Alexis' sake.

Christine: I agree with Bobbie about Castle setting some house rules but I think after spending the summer apart, Castle and Alexis have a lot to talk about. If I were Castle, I'd be helping Pi get a new passport ASAP.

Did you expect Kate to be more upset with Castle when he interfered in her case?

Jim: Not really, they've spent 5 years solving cases together, I was glad she wasn't too upset as it showed she misses his help as much as he misses helping.

Courtney: Maybe for a quick second, but not really. Kate knows how Castle operates. It's part of what made them such a great team.

Chandel:  Yes because she is in a new position, but also no because that's been their relationship for years, so it's comfortable in such a new environment.

Bobbie: Normally, yes, I would have expected Kate to be upset with Castle poking his nose where it didn't belong, but it was very clear that she was overjoyed to see him and that definitely tempered her reaction. She misses their partnership!

Christine: At first I expected her to be seriously ticked off that he was interfering in her new job, but it was so darn cute how much she missed him and how much he missed working with her. These two get more adorable as time goes on.

Could losing their work partnership hinder their personal relationship?

Jim: I don't think so, though without their working relationship, we the home audience won't have much to watch. So I'm guessing they will get back to some form of working relationship.

Courtney: I don't think losing the work partnership will do it, but the distance will. Kate needs to get back home around the characters we love...not some new ones. I want Kate back in Castle's arms and working with Ryan and Espo.

Chandel:   I think it definitely forces them to explore another area of their relationship where they don't work together all the time, which could either prove a strain or something that allows them to grow as a couple.

Bobbie: I definitely think that losing their work partnership would stress their relationship in the long run. So much of what they love about one another is based on that day to day interaction and, despite what Kate said about coming home at night and sharing their days, it just wouldn't be the same as living through it together.

Christine: Sharing the same experiences has helped them form a close bond. Not that they can't work through it but it will definitely change things. I like McCord and the D.C. team but I'm hoping this part of the story is short-lived. I want them all back at the 12th!

As much as it made sense story wise, we missed a lot with the two month time jump. What one scene do you wish they would have included?

Jim: Kate's first few days on the job comes to mind, or Castle's book tour with them missing each other. Honestly, I didn't feel like we missed much important given how well they referenced the lsat two months.

Courtney:  The moments after they decided to get engaged. Us shippers can always use some more PDA between these two!

Chandel:  One where they actually sat down and talked about their relationship and an action plan for making it work long distance.

Bobbie: This is so true! It's just a shame that there isn't time to show every detail of the story. I'd have loved to see everyone's reaction to the engagement but if I could only choose one thing, it would be Ryan and Espo's reaction to Kate leaving. I can't help but wonder what they think about her choice.

Christine: Oh, I wanted to see how Rick and Kate shared the news with their friends and family! Martha, Alexis, Kate's Dad, the boys, and especially Lanie. I'm really sorry we missed all of those moments. I'm sure they could have been both touching and fun.

What was your favorite scene of the premiere?

Jim: By far it was Kate and Rick being like school kids after Rick showed up in her apartment. I honestly giggle at how cute they were when he said "want me to leave" and she said "yeah, right now" and then kind of attacked him with kisses.

Courtney: I actually really enjoyed Castle's scenes with Ryan and Espo. I love when the boys all play together.

Chandel: Probably the proposal continuation, as much as I would have liked for Kate to wait to say yes!

Bobbie: I would have to say that the proposal scene was my favorite, which is really ironic because I did NOT like it in the finale, but Marlowe and team really turned it into a classic Caskett moment with the no - not no exchange and Castle's great line, "You do know how this works?". I especially loved that when Kate offered Castle an out if the job changed his feelings, he made it very clear that he was not trying to hold her in NY and he was not running scared. "I can't imagine my life without you." Perfect!

Christine: I'm with Bobbie on this one. For as much as I was underwhelmed with the proposal last season, I LOVED the way it all turned out. The humor and love just shone through. It was so very Caskett and I hope we get a lot more moments like these all season long.

C. Orlando is a TV Fanatic Staff Writer. Follow her on Twitter.

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