Low Winter Sun Review: All Fall Down

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While a good portion of this Low Winter Sun episode involved court room drama about a past case, "Revelations" placed Katia at the forefront of the story while propelling Frank Agnew and Joe Geddes onto opposite sides.

It's not like these two have ever been real pals, although we did gain some insight that they used to be partners.

And the shady past for most of the characters on Low Winter Sun continued to plague their present selves and actions.

Frank in court

It's obvious that Frank is good at what he does, an over 70 percent success rate as a cop calls to that. He's cool under pressure on the stand, he can clearly commit a murder and (so far) get away with it, and he knows how to rip a tooth right out of someone's mouth. It's just too bad that he can't be there to protect Katia.

Because, really, that was the shocking turn of events for the episode after Joe threw her out the window.

There was always a feeling that something bad would happen and I'm glad the show continues to contrast his good-natured character at home with the violent and dangerous one anywhere else.

The guy is willing to blackmail his boss, work with Skelos and potentially set himself up to be killed by Frank. Bold? Stupid? In too deep? Good luck for when Frank comes knocking!

After learning that someone was monitoring his computer moves, Frank knew Katia was in trouble.

It's not like we've really gotten to see Frank's relationship with her; instead we have to take it more on faith and the bits we have witnessed. That said, when he stormed into the house and swept through the rooms, he was a man on a love fueled mission. He's going to have kill Joe by the time this season is up, right?

I just wonder if Joe realizes the reality of his actions.

On the Damon front, he's losing control of everything rather quickly. His own crew is dissipating and Maya herself is more eager to get lost then try and kill Skelos. It makes me feel like something with Maya's former husband is going to come into play soon.

Certainly, Simon Boyd is inching closer to cracking his case, especially with Dani's help. It really felt like she didn't want to, but it was as if she felt compelled to.

Simon really is very weird, but clearly powerful and smart, in pretty much every scene.

The stories are all converging and the house of cards that the corrupt cops have been under is looking to tumble down. The bleakness of Low Winter Sun continues to prevail and the final outcome isn't looking to be any ray of sunshine when it all comes to a head. But will Frank have anything to live for now that his true love met her demise?

Revelations Review

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