Mistresses Review: What's in the Envelope?

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Simply put, "When One Door Closes…" had me wanting to slam one out of sheer frustration.

Let's start with April, one of the Mistresses who made me want to throw things at my television...

Joss & Harry

Lucy disappeared from school and April was understandably frantic. Her first thought was the Paul had grabbed her and that was surely more comforting than some of the alternatives. At least she could be fairly certain Paul wouldn't hurt the girl.

But when it turned out that Lucy simply took off to see a concert and April didn't even ground the girl, I was blown away. This isn't the first time Lucy's pulled this prank. I know she's had a lot to deal with, but does that mean there shouldn't be consequences?

That therapist might want to charge extra. She has no idea what's heading her way. 

I could understand Paul wanting to stick around for his daughter. I wish he'd felt that way three years ago but that can't be changed now. And let's not forget that now he'll be ditching his other wife and kid to come back to April and Lucy.

What had me yelling was April kissing him. Seriously?!? He pretended to be dead so he could run off and raise another child with another woman. Uh-uh. I can't get past that. Paul might get a second chance with his daughter, but with April? I'll be really disappointed if she goes down that road. This guy is clearly not worth it.

But let's move on to Karen....

Just when I thought Dr. Karen Kim couldn't be any more naive, she proved me wrong.

Despite Karen's self destructive need to go against her attorney's advice and confess everything in her deposition, Elizabeth Grey's lawsuit was dismissed.

Yet when someone from the State Licensing Board showed up, Karen was shocked. In a legal deposition she admitted to sleeping with her terminally ill patient and prescribing lethal doses of morphine so he could end his life. Not to mention that she both destroyed her patient notes and then forged them to cover her tracks. But a six month suspension…gasp!

Was she serious? She's damn lucky she didn't have her medical license stripped all together. Was her dumbfounded reaction due to arrogance or stupidity? 

I have to admit that I LOVED that Jacob was the one to take her down. He's had her up on a pedestal and that fall was a doozy. The anger in his eyes gave him away before he even confessed.  Forget about a possible personal relationship. Jacob's done and he showed Karen the door. 

Joss was just a mess. She was reeling from her breakup with Alex and coping by sleeping with Olivier. Then she was shocked to find out he was headed back to Paris for good.  I loved her reaction in this Mistresses quote

What kind of arrogant jerk starts up a fling with someone two days before you leave the country? | permalink

Well, he is French and was a bit of an ass from the moment he walked in the door so was this really a huge surprise. 

The scene between Joss and Morgan in the bathroom was hard to watch. Drowning one's sorrows with too much alcohol in a public place is never a good call. She got damn lucky that Harry was there to save her. 

The end scene between Alex and Joss was perfect. Joss was never a lesbian but she was willing to try it to keep Alex in her life. It's sad and sweet and I hope Joss finds the confidence she needs to feel worthy of real love.

Finally, there's Savi…

How long did she think she could keep that paternity test a secret. She's being completely unfair to both men. They each have the right to know. I almost couldn't blame Harry for snatching that envelope. The contents could change his life. 

As much as I felt for Harry, I loved Savi and Dom together. He was so nervous about telling her he made partner. The smile on his face when she was happy for him said everything.

And as much as I like these two, Savi was right to put the brakes on that kiss. She's still married to Harry. She needs to figure out what's happening with them before she moves forward with someone else, never mind who the baby daddy is. 

With one more episode left, will we finally find out what's in the envelope? Will April actually give Paul another chance? What do you want to see in the Mistresses season 1 finale and maybe more importantly are you hoping for a season 2?

When One Door Closes Review

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What kind of arrogant jerk starts up a fling with someone two days before you leave the country?


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