Revenge Boss Talks Season 3, New Romances, The Shooting of Emily Thorne

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Another summer is behind us and you know what that means, right? It's time to head back to The Hamptons and ABC’s frothy soap, Revenge.

Entering Season 3, the storyline threads are picked up about five-to-six months after the bombshell from the season finale, when Emily told Jack that she’s truly Amanda Clark. So... what happens next?

Those questions will be answered in Sunday’s season premiere - but to fill in more of the gaps, I grabbed some time with new showrunner Sunil Nayar to find out what is on the drawing board for all our favorite Revengers. Scroll down for spoiler-filled excerpts from our Q&A...


TV Fanatic: It’s already out there that in the opening moments Emily is in a wedding dress, gets shot and that’s the big mystery we move back from. My question is, is it a mystery who she’s married to or is it a given that it’s Daniel?

Sunil Nayar: It’s pretty much a given that it’s Daniel. This will be her and Daniel’s wedding of the century and we’re seeing how it surprisingly ends.

TVF: I did see a ring on her finger so this is after the ceremony, correct?

SN: That’s right.

TVF: Victoria’s attachment to Patrick (Justin Hartley), which even though we haven’t seen the last five, six months, it’s incredibly close, and I thought, ‘This might be a little too close,’ but am I reading too much into that or is that what you guys are going for?

SN: I don’t know if you’re reading too much into it. I think that what is so jarring about the intimacy is that we’ve never seen, and to your first question, also, we’ve never seen a happy Victoria. So, it’s interesting to see them, her happiness, she’s so desperate to be happy that there’s a kind of intense intimacy that comes with her opening up herself to somebody without being scared that they’re going to hurt her, and so I think that what people are going to see is a connection that is so unique.

So, Victoria, it almost shows more [intimacy] than it should be but that’s only because she has a trust in someone for the first time in her life and he has no judgments about her yet. So, I think we’re just seeing a happy Victoria, and that is something that the audience has never seen before.

TVF: I hear Victoria and Aiden may be getting closer. Are we going to be surprised how close they get?

SN: I think you’re going to be surprised at the kind of faith and confidence they put in each other and they energy they have in the scenes with each other is fantastic. So, I think it’s a dynamic that we’re really excited to explore.

Christa B Allen, Emily VanCamp Josh Bowman

TVF: Yeah, I definitely saw a little spark there, whether it’s a romantic spark or just a devious, let’s-screw-people-over-together spark.

SN: Exactly. And the beauty part of a show like Revenge is, those are the same thing. Romance is found to be devious and devilish, because other people fight. That’s the beauty of their connection.

TVF: Talk to me about Charlotte a little bit. She’s obviously grown up, and she’s been through a lot, so obviously, she’s not cheery and happy in the beginning. What’s her journey?

SN: We’re really loving our new Charlotte. The idea is that the effects of the past six months really put her through the wringer, to an extent that it’s caused her to grow up. With this new maturity comes a new drive and a new confidence, and so, as opposed to having her spiral out of control, what she’s done is she actually let these events ground her, in a way, that’s actualized her as a woman when we see her at the beginning of this season. 

I think that were going to see her, in definitely these first ten [episodes], turning into someone that’s unexpected, both in good ways and bad ways, and those devilish ways that we love. We see her getting a little revenge-y at times in a way that’s going to be so surprising and great, where she becomes someone to be dealt with, which is what we wanted to do for her this season.

TVF: Will she and Emily remain close, or is part of that revenge-y stuff maybe between them?

SN: She and Emily are going to have a conflict, definitely. That’s another thing that we wanted to explore is that even though Charlotte doesn’t know it, she and Emily have a very sisterly relationship, which is the good stuff and the bad stuff and the fights, and then the reconciliations, but I think we’re going to see friction between the two of them that we haven’t seen before, which is also part of Charlotte’s new confidence.

TVF: Let’s talk Nolan, who has a great entrance in the premiere’s party scene. How did you guys think about his romantic life this season?

SN: The way we thought about his romantic life is exactly examining the two relationships he’s had, and I think the difference in the two was that Tyler [in Season 1] was existing within this world of the Hamptons and so he was part of everything that was going on. With Padma [on Revenge Season 2] she was wonderful [but] she lived in the corporate world of the show, which is where the romance didn’t live so much and so it was harder.

So, when we talked about Nolan’s next relationship and to how he enters the show this year, he’s loving the Hamptons, loving his life, he’s loving where he is. He’s loving his new house, and so that everything that’s going to happen to him is going to happen in an environment where he is king. So, we wanted to make sure that when the next romance started that it was within this world, so that the person who he falls in love with is going to be affected by the people that are around him, and that gave us just a much greater chance to embrace the romance and the darkness and the sweetness of it. So, I think that you’re going to see something much more in line with the sort of passion that came with Tyler, as opposed to the purposive love he had with Padma.

TVF: When does that character come in?

SN: You’ll see who he’s going to fall in love with midway through these first half, we’re going to reveal who the person is.

TVF: What about Jack? Poor Jack. He’s been through so much. Is his heart still with Emily now that he knows her secret and some time has passed?

SN: I think at the core of him, he’s always going to be in love with her and whether it’s something he wants to acknowledge…what the interesting thing for Jack is, what is it like if you’re in love with someone who you kind of hate? How do you reconcile yourself to a feeling that won’t go away, even though there’s so many other feelings that are swirling around at all times? That is really part of the core of Jack’s journey, is trying to reconcile these two feelings that he has that are passionate and are so prominent in him at all times, while also trying to move on with his life…that’s the wonderful struggle we’re going to see with Jack, is how does Jack try to move on and does Jack want to move on?

TVF: How about Emily’s heart? She’s with Daniel but seems to still have feelings for Jack…

SN: You’re going to see some of the struggle of that, definitely…she has these three guys, Daniel, Aidan and Jack. One of the things that we’re really endeavoring to do this year is to individuate them even more than we have before, and to make each one of them someone that is almost worthy of Emily’s love but then Emily has to really wrestle with the decision of who it is she’s going to pick and which direction she’s going to go because obviously, she’s changed her dynamic with all three guys. 

TVF: James LeGros is coming in to the show as Father Paul. What can you tell me about his role?

SN: He shows up in episode two. He’s a got a few-episode arc that I think is so great and he is so wonderful in this part. He’s a very, very powerful person in the world of both Emily’s present and the world of the Grayson’s past. What it puts Emily through, I think, it really speaks to what we’re hoping to do with Emily this year, which is her examination of what her mission is and what the repercussions of that mission are.

Revenge Season 3 kicks off this Sunday at 9/8c on ABC.

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