Revenge Sneak Peeks: Shots Fired!

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Two sneak peeks from Sunday's Revenge installment hint at an explosive night - not that the extended Revenge Season 3 preview didn't already give that away - when the series returns.

What we now know, thanks to this clip, is that the season-opening flash-forward (a Revenge staple) features Emily / Amanda offering an apology for something, being shot and tumbling into the sea.

After this scene, one assumes the show will return to several months prior and build up to this event midway through the season. At least that's our theory. Take a look at the scene from "Fear" ...

In another sneak preview, we see Emily drop by unannounced as always, which Victoria quickly points out. She then proceeds to tell her adversary about Ashley's alleged plans to blackmail her.

What does Emily have up her sleeve, and what is Victoria hiding? As always on the ABC drama, it's hard to know who's playing who, especially in the early going. But take a look at see:

Revenge returns Sunday at 9 p.m. Are you excited for the new season? Do you think it can recapture the fire of Season 1? Share your predictions for this weekend and comments with us below!

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Revenge Season 3 Episode 1 Quotes

[to Nolan] Let's never say the words Carrion or Initiative again.


Fear. It's a fire that burns from birth in even the coldest heart. It motivates and paralyzes the best of us or is used as a weapon by the worst. But when your path is one of treachery and deception the greatest fear of all is that the truth is absolute.