Aaron Yoo Talks The Tomorrow People: Can Russell Find Love?

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On The Tomorrow People Season 1 Episode 3, viewers found out the backstory of Peyton List's Cara.

But there's much more to come with the rest of the characters of the new CW series.

As Aaron Yoo told us recently on the Vancouver set, we'll be learning much more about Russell in the near future, as the drama is going to reveal that the jovial member of the group has some pain in his past.

Yoo also suggests that there could be love in Russell's future, however... and he isn't simply referring to his dog, Merline, who sat on his lap throughout the Q&A and who shares a Twitter handle with the star, @MerlinWizDawg.

Watch the adorable chat now:

The Tomorrow People Season 1 airs Wednesdays at 9 p.m. after Arrow on The CW. 

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