The CW President Explains Trio of Cancelations: Why Did They Get the Axe?

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At the Television Critics Association Summer Press Tour today, CW President Mark Pedowitz fielded a number of questions.

Hart of Dixie will have 10 episodes next season; The Vampire Diaries and The Originals will have crossovers when it's "organic;" Beauty and the Beast was largely renewed due to its international popularity.

But what about the show that did NOT get renewed?

Pedowitz touched on each of the three cancelations from this spring:

Buying Time
Shielding Emery
Questioning Weaver

“We’re very proud of THE CARRIE DIARIES. Amy Harris and Stephanie Savage did a terrific job. We brought it back to a second season, not necessarily because of ratings but because of what its digital presence was. But after a certain period of time, both aspects have to work.

"You need both aspects otherwise you cannot sustain the show model. So that was the rationale. I wish it came back. I was proud of the show. Again, incredibly engaged fan base, but after a while it wasn’t economically feasible."

STAR-CROSSED: "I did receive 90 boxes of pasta this week. We appreciate fans and everything they do, and I gather they were upset. There just weren’t enough of them to keep the show going. So that’s the rationale. But we appreciate their passion for the show and we understand that that’s what makes shows work. In this case there weren’t enough audience members to stay with it."

THE TOMORROW PEOPLE is a more interesting thing. [Producers] Julie [Plec] and Greg [Berlanti] and Phil [Klemmer] do a great job. The show just did not generate the audience we hoped it would generate. It did not generate on air as much as we hoped and it did not generate digitally as much as we hoped."

So there you have it, TV Fanatics. Which of these shows will you miss the most?

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