Candice Accola Teases The Vampire Diaries Season 5, Caroline's Unhappy College Adventure

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Caroline Forbes is off to college!

So, knowing this Vampire Diaries character as well as long-time fans do, this must mean sorority parties, right? A number of extracurricular activities? The loudest fan at every Whitmore College football game?

Not exactly, Candice Accola told me in an exclusive interview.

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"Caroline is actually really upset [on The Vampire Diaries Season 5 premiere]," the star says. "She wants this perfect college experience, but she keeps waiting for Bonnie to show up and Tyler to show up."

Bonnie will be there there in (literal) spirit on tomorrow night's opener, though Caroline and Elena believe their friend is simply traveling.

"They have communication with her through Jeremy," who is writing emails under the guise of his ghostly ex, Accola says. "They have no idea Bonnie is dead."

As for Tyler? Caroline will receive an unwanted phone call from her boyfriend on the premiere - and he won't be seen at all on "I Know What You Did Last Summer." Accola couldn't say when viewers will next set eyes on this werewolf, but teased Caroline's impending reaction to Tyler's return as either "very happy or very, very mad." It won't be anything in between.

"What started off as high hopes change pretty quickly for Caroline," Accola previews. "We're not gonna see her at a football game and she has to be dragged to a party by Elena. It's not a good first day of college at all."

Not even when Kendrick Sampson shows up as Jesse? And shows clear affection for this Mystic Falls beauty?

"The girls will definitely be surrounded by a lot of members of the opposite sex at college," Accola laughed. "And Jesse does take a liking to Caroline. But she really can't be bothered with him. They're just friends. Her focus is on Tyler."

Overall, the actress says Season 5 will feature "a lot more human experiences" for TVD characters, as we delve into a deeper mythology that includes new, fascinating history as it relates to Damon and Stefan.

"We're seeing a lot of characters really shift," Accola teases, concluding of Caroline moving away from her hometown: "It's like meeting her again for the first time, on Day One. It's pretty cool."

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