Castle Round Table: "Number One Fan"

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Richard Castle met his "Number One Fan" this week and she even managed to dot the i in Writer... with a bullet to his vest.

Below, TV Fanatics Jim Garner, Chandel Charles, and Christine Orlando are joined by Denise from the Castle Fan Forum the 12th for their weekly Round Table discussion, as they debate the stupidest thing Castle has ever done and why Pi has free range over the loft. Gather around and join in now!


What's the stupidest thing you can recall Richard Castle doing on the show?

Jim: Oh goodness, there are so many. This may not be the stupidest, but I have to go with Richard convincing Kate to hide in the closet so his mom wouldn't find out about them. Still makes me laugh today. 

Chandel: Let's roll it all the way back to the pilot when he took down the man holding him at gunpoint, it wouldn't be the last time Rick found himself in those kind of situations, but at least when they did, Rick had had more time in the field!

Denise: My initial thought was : Not promptly booting Pi out when he walked into the bedroom!  Looking back at the episode, I thought he handled everything really well as far as Emma was concerned.  I didn't think he did anything stupid in how he interacted with her.

Christine: I'm going all the way back to episode 2 "Nanny McDead" when Castle walked into the laundry room while Beckett was trying to talk down a distraught, young pregnant women who'd murdered someone. His curiosity could have gotten Beckett killed. I don't think he'd do something so foolish now, at least not just for the sake of just being there to observe.

Castle RT - depreciated -

The loft's gotten pretty cozy. What were your thoughts on Pi walking into Castle's bedroom?

Jim: WTF, who does that??? We've stayed at my wife's parents place many times and not ONCE have I ever considered walking into their bedroom unannounced. Especially only wearing a towel! He should have tossed him on his ear or had Kate threaten him or something, I mean come on!

Chandel: I thought it was a little much, he's starting to become a distraction. I don't see quite what having an overcrowded loft adds to the show but I'm willing to tolerate it for now.

Denise: Castle needs to start locking that bedroom door!  I could not believe how Pi just so casually walked into the bedroom without even knocking first. Just totally wrong.  Especially when you are a guest in someone's home.

Christine: I'm with Jim on the WTF reaction. What was worse was that Castle let him get away with it. If there's a point to Pi being at the loft I wish the show would get to it…fast.

Are you glad Beckett's back at the 12th or should her joblessness have lasted longer?

Jim: Yes to both. While I would have enjoyed seeing her jobless a bit longer (especially with many of us take months to find work after losing a job), it would have gotten weird for their to be multiple reasons for her to help out unpaid at the 12th. So, in the end I'm glad she's back.

Chandel: I think the joblessness should have lasted a little longer just for drama's sake. Then again, they would have missed the window to bring her back that the Real Estate Mogul provided and I'm not entire sure what she and Castle would have done for the intervening installments.

Denise: While it could be interesting to see what Kate would do with herself, I think it would be stretching the credibility of the NYPD to have both her and Castle acting as "outside consultants" on too many cases.  The show is about an NYPD homicide detective (welcome back Det. Beckett!) and the writer who follows her for inspiration.  They needed to get back to that.  At most, I think it might have worked for perhaps one more episode.

Christine: As much as I wanted to see that bit of drama play out a bit longer, I don't see how the show could have believably worked it into its format.  So welcome back Detective Beckett!

Captain Montgomery or Captain Gates. If you could only have one who do you choose?

Jim: I loved Montgomery, but Gates has won me over the last few episodes. I'm really torn between the two, but I'm going to pick Gates mainly because they have been doing an amazing job of evolving her character.

Chandel: Captain Montgomery all the way, just because he was there in the beginning and I miss him every once in a while, but Gates is really coming into her own as a character and I really like that.

Denise: I'm warming up to Gates; I liked how she didn't hesitate to let Kate get involved in the case, and that she wanted to protect Ryan and Espo, and helped to get Kate back on the force.  But right now, still gotta go with Montgomery.

Christine: As much as I loved Montgomery, Captain Gates has won me over. She sticks to the rules but still has her peoples backs and I've grown to enjoy the tension between her and Castle. Sometimes Castle is at his best when he has a foil to play off of.

What was your favorite scene from this Castle Season 6 episode?

Jim: Rick's child-like glee at "She dotted the i" when he saw where the bullet hit him. Such a classic Rick Castle moment!

Chandel: Probably the part where Kate advised Castle that she looked forward to spending the rest of her life with him and needed him not to get himself killed in that hostage situation. I like Kate admitting her feelings for Castle more openly to him.

Denise: My favorite scene was the end, when Kate got her badge back and everyone at the precinct was cheering, and Castle was trying not to kiss her because they were at work.

Christine:  I love the end where everyone applauds Kate's return but can I add the scene just before it with Emma meeting her father for the first time. I think Alicia Lagano knocked her guest appearance out of the park. I really felt for Emma from her first scene to her last and it made be believe that Castle would believe in her too.

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