Castle Round Table: "Time Will Tell"

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Rick Castle finally got the time traveling killer he'd been hoping for in "Time Will Tell."

Below, TV Fanatics Jim Garner, Chandel Charles and Christine Orlando are joined by Angie of the Castle Fan Forum the 12th to debate time travel aspects of this episode, Alexis' future, and what we'd name Castle and Beckett's future children...


Do you believe in the time traveling killer or a more logical explanation?

Jim: I loved that this week's case could actually have a non-logical explanation. After five years of crazy theories, Rick was due for a win - and what a great one it was!

Chandel: I would like to believe in a more logical explanation, but  a little imagination never hurt anybody.

Angie: What I love about Castle is that there is always a logical explanation with just the hint that it maybe-kinda-coulda been something else, which is how I usually approach these kinds of mysteries. I feel this time around we saw the opposite — the supernatural story seemed to be presented as the more likely scenario — and for me, it came a little too close to a line I don't want to see the show cross.

Christine: I really loved that Castle finally had his day but that there was enough there to support Beckett's logical explanations at the same time…that was until she spilled the coffee. I thought that was a really great touch of something that just couldn't be explained. I thought the entire story was a lot of fun.

Castle RT - depreciated -

Was there anything Castle should have differently concerning Alexis moving in with Pi?

Jim: I think he did all he could, I think anymore would have pushed her away and any less he would have felt worse.

Chandel:  I would have put my foot down too. But she did have some really thoughtful reason as to why it made sense. But that's also his little girl. Could we really have expected a lesser response?

Angie: Yes. He should have channelled Cliff Huxtable from the pilot episode of The Cosby Show. When Theo gave a sappy, "It's my life, and you should love me anyway" speech, Cliff replied with the now-iconic line, "That's the stupidest thing I've ever heard ... I brought you into this world, and I can take you out!"

Christine: Alexis is 19 and she has to right to make her own decisions and her own mistakes. As bad as Castle feels, fighting her harder would have only driven more of a wedge between them. At least this way, if it all falls apart she knows she can still come home.

There's a lot of Alexis hate out there among Castle fans. Do you think it's warranted?

Jim: I love Alexis, I have no idea why there is so much hate, unless it's because they keep reverting her to a more "ditzy" character after showing she's super smart.

Chandel: I think they are upset she's trying to be more grown up. We all need to calm down and realize that.

Angie: Of course not. None of the characters are without significant flaws, and I think we're seeing Alexis make her mistakes now. That said, I am having a hard time equating the Alexis who stayed home from a trip with friends to study for AP exams and later researched failure rates for long-distance relationships, with this Ivy League college student who doesn't seem appreciate the very real threat casual cohabitation poses to her education, financial security, and emotional/relationship health. It seems like a very big risk for our consistently level-headed, responsible Alexis not to recognize.

Christine: All true Angie but remember Alexis is also the girl who cut her senior year short to follow her boyfriend to Stanford and take on his major to spend more time together.  I've witnessed incredibly smart people make huge mistakes when it comes to love. Yes, Alexis has been inconsistent and annoying at times but I think that goes with being a teenager and growing up. I think she'll be just fine…it's just going to take some time.

So…3 kids for Caskett. Boys, girls, names? What are your guesses?

Jim: Nikki, Derek, and Roy (or Montgomery). so two boys and a girl...

Chandel: I would guess, but my guesses would be what I plan to name my own kids, information which is top secret.

Angie:  I'm not buying this particular prediction, and I don't look forward to it being considered canon. Castle and Beckett are very self-involved, career-oriented people, and while having three kids is not beyond the realm of possibility, I think Simon's summary of the next two decades of their life was optimistic almost to a fault.

Christine: I love your picks, Jim! Three kids would be a whole new adventure for them but one I think they'd cherish. I'm not sure I'd want to see Kate as a Senator though. That's the kind of position that takes over your life. As for the kids, I'm going with twin girls and a boy. Charlotte Johanna (aka Charlie) Genevieve Martha (aka Genie), and Jackson Beckett (aka Jack). I've clearly put too much thought into this.

What was your favorite scene from this Castle Season 6 episode?

Jim: I loved Kate spilling the coffee and then realizing that the letter then matched the photo that the killer had on him. Such a great touch.

Chandel: Castle declaring to Beckett that it was his favorite case. Let's be honest, every odd case is Rick's favorite!

Angie:  I'm partial to Kate suggesting to Castle what might be motivating Alexis' uncharacteristic behavior. She handled that so delicately, knowing how deeply affected Castle is about Alexis moving in with Pi. It was also the first time since Castle and Kate got together that she spoke so candidly about their future, and that was such a profound insight into how committed she is to this new phase of her, and their, life.

Christine: The final scene between father and daughter. I just thought Nathan Fillion did an amazing job in that scene. My heart just broke for Castle as Alexis walked out the door and he muttered too soon. So very well done.

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