Hart of Dixie Review: Drink Up, Grandma's Home

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On Hart of Dixie Season 3 Episode 4, we witnessed first hand the wrath of grandma Breeland, while Zoe and Annabeth struggled to keep her recent medical discovery a secret.

All the while, Wade was trying to mend his loneliness by sleeping with very unavailable women and dragged George into his newly created mess.

Unnoticeably absent, Linley. Thank you, writers!

Visiting Grandma

I didn't think I would admit this, but Joel is starting to grow on me. My first instinct was to not let myself like his character because we all know, it won't last. But he's adorable and he's good to Zoe. He's hard to really dislike.

Moreover, we had Wade Kinsella being the man he used to be... sleazy. I am so glad that George made it real to Wade and he was completely right! Wade IS sleeping around because he can't have Zoe Hart. Hearing that from the one guy who knows exactly what that feels like solidifies it's accuracy.

Elsewhere, Grandma Breeland came to town and she was quite the hoot. Everyone in Bluebell feared this woman and rightfully so. I felt like pouring a drink or two while she went on a rampage.

Can you imagine having a grandma so loving that it hurts a little?

Needless to say, I adored her. However, I wish we would have seen more of her scenes with Cricket! She deserved a good butt-chewing after what she did to Lemon.

Speaking of Lemon, how adorable was Peter? I loved him for the main reason that he was the first guy, romantic interest wise, that had no problem with the decisions that she made and was complete unbiased.

If there was one guest star out of this series I hope returns and stays, it's Peter. He's perfect for Lemon because he listened to her and didn't judge her for her actions.

And that smile? Swoon.

To darken things up though, we had a health scare with Annabeth. When Zoe discovered a cyst in her ovaries, AB was thrown in a whirlwind of marriage, children and growing old. She feared she couldn't do those things happily and I feared the same.

I didn't realize how serious AB was with Lavon. You know, I knew they were in love and their relationship is definitely growing deeper... but her whole wanting 19 children with him caught me a little bit off guard. I love these two together, but do I really want to see them become canon and be endgame?

Deep down, I think I'll always be a Lavon/Lemon shipper. Lord help me, I don't think it'll ever happen!

Sidenote: Kaitlyn Black shined as AB in this episode; her performance was by far her best of the series, thus proving my point that she is underutilized in this series. She could bring so much more to the show.

Overall, tonight's episode was satisfactory. I like the direction that we are headed with this and I look forward to continuing on. I could enjoy it more with Robert Buckley, though.

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Hart of Dixie Season 3 Episode 4 Quotes

[To Wade] I think you're getting with every unavailable women you can because you can't have the one unavailable woman that you want.


Lavon doesn't want to go to see Beyonce!


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