NCIS Preview: "Once a Crook"

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As NCIS Season 11 continues to move ahead without Ziva David, fans were treated to a moving episode featuring Gibbs and the late Mike Franks this week. Follow the link for our latest NCIS review.

On tap Tuesday is another installment taking a fresh look at a character's past.

This time it's Tony DiNozzo, who returns to his Baltimore Police Department days when he sees a felony suspect from a 15-year-old case at the NCIS crime scene of a murdered Petty Officer.

Tony's days in the precinct have been the subject of a few recent episodes, "Rekindled" from NCIS Season 9 and "Baltimore" from NCIS Season 8. Both were parts of the season-ending arcs.

What do you think the show will reveal about him this time? Besides the fact that the guys in production are surprisingly good at making Michael Weatherly look 10-15 years younger?

Check out CBS' promo for "Once a Crook" and photos from the episode below:

Click to enlarge the images from NCIS Season 11 Episode 5 ...

A 15 Year Old Case
Tony Sees A Connection
Tony Shares the Past
Officer Tony DiNozzo
McGee & Gibbs At the Crime Scene
Gibbs At The Scene
Tony Looks Concerned

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NCIS Season 11 Episode 5 Quotes

Tony: Maybe I was wrong about a lot of people.
Gibbs: Are we still talking about the case?
Tony: It's so interesting. No one will say her name. Have you noticed? It's like she's dead. Every time I look at her desk, every time I close my eyes....I just feel like I made a mistake. Like I made the wrong decision. Only it wasn't me who decided. So yeah - I'm probably wrong to think Anton's innocent in all this.
Gibbs: I'll trust you any time.

Tony: I want to help.
Anton: One thing I've learned, Tony. Just because you want it doesn't mean it's going to happen.
Tony: Tell me about it. It's funny - never stops me from trying.