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Person of Interest usually featured such a fun charm that surrounds its techno-themed show of vigilante justice, from the action to the humor to the characters involved.

But while there were small moments that tried to peak out and prove themselves entertaining, "Reasonable Doubt" was mostly a boring turn of events that could easily be tossed into the "filler" pile of episodes.

And I know that every series has those type of episodes that are standalone, but this drama has been relatively good at making those exciting in their own right. Guess it just didn't work out to be the nifty twisty lawyer love case it wanted to be.

A Murderous Attorney

Giving Bear some screen time at the veterinarian's office that involved an actual job rather than a walk around the park was a great way to start the hour off. Sure, the bad guys in the opening bit were laughable, but the ferocious canine had a take down worthy of a doggy treat.

Now, the concept of the Machine producing a number that could be a victim or a perpetrator is obviously not a new one, so it wasn't groundbreaking or really fresh to repeatedly point that out. It's something viewers are already accustomed to and have had plenty of experiences with the circumstances and twists that reveal if someone is in danger or about to cause trouble.

And at first, the top-notch prosecutor married to the defense attorney twisted love affair and possible murder seemed interesting. A lawyer, who may or may not have killed her husband, having the smarts and wherewithal to get away with it?

But it didn't take long for the story to twist and turn so many times from faking the death to framing the wife to sleeping with the best friend, etc. that it became tiresome. On top of that, the hour was filled with exposition about everything, forcing the characters to sit around talking about a bunch of stuff in order to fit all the information into the episode. It bogged the moments down.

I wouldn't have minded if the constant explanation of things involved maybe some history or info about one of the core characters, but it was mostly about the female prosecutor and her husband who didn't show up until the last minutes of the episode.

It was tough to really care about their antics as the story went on.

I liked Fusco and Shaw at the bank, and it was a bit humorous when she went to use the knife, but I just hope the season doesn't overdo it with Shaw's character. I did like her bluntness at the book club with the best friend, all before cocking her gun and asking what book they were discussing. I just worry that in an effort to illustrate just how hardcore, angry and dangerous she can be might turn her into a cartoonish caricature rather than a real person. Perhaps some smaller doses might help.

Reese and Finch are always enjoyable to watch, but they too were stuck with explaining this plot piece or what a character was doing while we're watching them do it or explaining the twist just discovered.

I guess you could call it poetic "justice" (get it, the name of the boat) with the way Reese left the two lawyers to shoot each other, rather than save either of them. But at that point, I think even he was tired of the whole situation.

As for Carter, her new partner - who acted overly suspicious - turned out to be feeding intel to Raymond Terney who works for HR. I was disappointed that was the case, as it seemed too obvious to have the new partner not just be a new partner. If anything, there's no way he's lasting this season. Either HR is going to kill him because they don't need him anymore or he realizes the error of his ways and dies trying to save Carter. Guess we'll find out just how much damage he'll do to Carter and the team.

It's been a very long while since I've been bored with an episode on this show. There were a few moments where I did smile and chuckle, but the hour was missing that fun element that keeps the story, characters and everything involved exciting. I'm sure by the end of Person of Interest Season 3, this will be one of the episode we all will forgot about anyway.

Reasonable Doubt Review

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