Revenge Round Table: "Confession"

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Sunday's episode of Revenge saw the third season take more interesting twists and turns.

Below, TV Fanatic's Kate Brooks, Christine Orlando, and Miranda Wicker are here to break down the week's major "Confession" that we saw unfold and look ahead to next week and beyond.

Weigh in with your own responses regarding all of these Revenge topics below!


1. What was your favorite scene or quote from the episode?

Kate: When I found out I was right about Aiden! So, the beach scene. I knew he couldn't have been bitter towards Emanda!!

Christine: I really liked the scene where Charlotte tries to convince Jack to go to the party...but as much as I loved the idea behind, "a ship is safe in harbor but that's not why ships were built," it sounded way too deep to have come from Declan. Plus Jack's, "I'm measuring my own inseam" made me laugh.

Miranda: Emily embarrassing Victoria at Nolan's party. Anything that knocks Victoria down a peg or five in the eyes of the Hamptons elite is okay by me. 

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2. Scale of 1 to Double Infinity, how relieved are you to know that Emily and Aiden are working together?

Kate: As stated in my previous answer, pretty damn relieved. In the Revenge Season 3 premiere I was like, there is no way! Last episode I was sort of leaning towards maybe Aiden could be against her. But I'm glad I was correct, I just love Aiden too much. Or maybe it's just how overly attractive Barry Sloane is.

Christine: I've never been Aiden's biggest fan but it makes a lot more sense than having him suddenly siding with Victoria! Emily's got so many balls (and men) in the air with this plan, I can't imagine how she keeps them all straight.

Miranda: Regular infinity. I didn't think that Aiden would join Team Grayson, but with this show, you just never know. I'm glad he's still Team Takedown. 

3. Better ensemble: Nolan's look at the club or Nolan's look at his party?

Kate: His look at the party! That outfit goes down as my favorite Nolan Ross look. So fabulous.

Christine: Oh, the outfit at the party was definitely a classic Nolan Ross look. On anyone else I would have rolled my eyes but leave it to Nolan to pull it off with style.

Miranda: He definitely had a nautical theme going this week. The captain's outfit was great, but the vest and shorts combo caught Patrick's eye.  

4. Daniel was a bit of a jerk to the women in his life. Mommy issues at play or true colors?

Kate: True colors. But who cares? Really. I mean, I'm so over Daniel and this episode proved why. Last year I felt this way about Declan and Charlotte. Now, it's Daniels turn.

Christine: Both. His issues with strong women are coming to the surface but Daniel's always had a bit of an inner war between the side that's a decent guy and the one that's a spoiled brat. This week the spoiled brat was winning.

Miranda: Ugh. Daniel is so... unlikeable. Is it bad that I don't care which it is but really wish Margaux would send him to France to work on the magazine just so he'd be off the screen? 

5. Should Jack and Margaux hook up?

Kate: Yes and no. Yes, because Jack needs a rebound girl. No, because Margaux is still a mystery to me. I see Margaux right now and all I see is Ashley 2.0.

Christine: I give Margaux more credit than Ashley. I kind of like her and she and Jack make an interesting pair. Besides, Jack could use a little fun and Margaux could be just the thing to help mend his wounded heart... at least in the short term.

Miranda: I also give Margaux a little more credit than Ashley. Even if it's only a friends with benefits situation, I say yes, they should hook up, but after their conversation in the pool at Nolan's, I think he could find companionship there. 

6. Did Conrad crash the car on purpose?

Kate: This is the right question! I don't know to be honest but could this have been Victoria's version of Conrad trying to blow up her plane? It seems pretty reminiscent. Let's not forget her threatening words to Conrad before he left.

Christine: Anything is possible with the Graysons. But since Victoria hated that car to begin with, it wouldn't surprise me if she had something to do with it and its occupant's demise.

Miranda: I hadn't thought of Victoria tampering with the car! At first I thought Conrad might have crashed on purpose, but now I'm wondering if maybe Patrick had something to do with it.

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