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There wasn't even a Red Sharpie take down and tonight's Revenge was still fantastic. Alliances were formed and revealed! Feathers were ruffled! Plans were changed! All the exclamation points!

Conrad may not have given his "Confession," but watching Emily try to get it was certainly entertaining.

Nolan's Housewarming Party

Finally, after three episodes, we're getting somewhere. Let's hit the highlights first, shall we?

We got some answers to questions that have had us on the edge of our collective seats for a few weeks now. Among them:

Aiden and Emily are in cahoots.

Nolan threw a housewarming party. A $2 million dollar housewarming party. He invited Victoria who, by her own assertion, has never had to be invited to a Hamptons party. Her presence is just expected. My, Victoria, how times have changed now that you're bankrupt.

Watching Victoria squirm while Emily publicly announced Victoria's private business at Nolan's party was quite fantastic. There's not much that can be done to make Victoria sympathetic. Not even Patrick. Any time she gets a comeuppance is a good time by me. 

At first it seemed as if this was an off-the-cuff moment of insult on Emily's part. That Aiden's presence had shaken her up enough to lose her normally collected composure publicly. Later we learned that Emily and Aiden are working together and we all rejoiced! YES!

There was no way that he had actually turned on her like he proclaimed to Victoria. There wasn't any plausible reason why he would have wanted to take Emily down, at least not that we'd been shown, and yet the question was still there. Does Aiden really hate Emily?

No. That answer is absolutely no. And she doesn't hate him either. 

In fact, that tender moment between the two of them on the beach, where she laid her hand across the scar from his Daniel-inflicted bullet wound, says that she cares very much for Aiden. Very much.  Whew. It's such a relief to know they're working together and not against each other. Even if she's upset that he inadvertently complicated things for her with Daniel by showing up. 

Daniel, as it turns out, really is an easily intimidated coward. 

He's afraid that Aiden has come back to seek revenge after Daniel shot him at the end of Revenge season 2. A paranoid Daniel is a hard to control Daniel. Maybe now is the time for Emily to start dosing him like she's dosing Conrad so that he'll also think he's dying? Except Daniel has nothing to confess, really. Conrad does, though. 

He was on his way to confess when his "illness" caused him to crash into a telephone pole ejecting Father Paul from the car and to his death.

First, Emily ruined the man's life by completing a take down she shouldn't have. Now the man has actually lost his life on a quest for forgiveness and Emily has to pay the price of that. Father Paul's blood is on her hands.

And that's the theme of Revenge Season 3 so far: knowing when to cut your losses and walk.

So far, Emily doesn't know that limit. She's tested repeatedly, but she keeps pressing forward with her plan leaving mountains of collateral damage in her wake. At some point, enough is enough, right?

Maybe. Maybe not. The intrigue is in seeing just how far Emily will go before pulling back.

Other standout moments from tonight:

  • Shirtless Justin Hartley sighting! 
  • Is it possible that Patrick is Nolan's new beau? Sparks seemed a little...sparky. 
  • Awww, Jack was having fun for once. You go, Margaux.
  • Daniel, the next time you throw a dismissive "babe" at Emily, I hope she adds you to her Red Sharpie Takedown list.
What did you think of "Confession?" Are you relieved to learn that Emily and Aiden are on the same side? What happens to Conrad now that Father Paul isn't around to get him to confess? Check out the Revenge quotes page and then let's chat about tonight's episode in the comments.

Confession Review

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