Castle: Watch Season 6 Episode 9 Online

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That was one of the creepier Castle episodes, huh?

It featured a corpse that looked like Lanie… a dead ringer for Esposito… and Annie Wersching brilliantly portraying Dr. Kelly Nieman, a seriously warped plastic surgeon.

But Castle Season 6 Episode 9 didn't just freak us out. It also shocked us with an ending we did NOT see coming.

Why did Beckett look more terrified than we've ever seen her? Who looks to have returned?

Watch the episode in full, prepare for an unexpected song lyrics toward the end and try not to scream in total surprise:

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Castle Season 6 Episode 9 Quotes

They say we all have a twin out there somewhere. I guess this one's mine.


Beckett: I was hoping for something more romantic and less Hobbity.
Castle: Why does everyone always think those two are mutually exclusive?