Covert Affairs Season Finale: Piper Perabo and Christopher Gorham Tease a Powerful Ending

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Annie's quest to bring down Henry Wilcox will come to a climax in the Covert Affairs​ Season 4 Episode 16.

After an epic chase, Annie now finds herself face-to-face with Henry in Hong Kong. Will she be able to stop him?

Piper Perabo and Christopher Gorham jumped on the phone this week to talk to reporters about the "powerful ending" to season 4, whether Annie and Auggie can overcome his dalliance with Helen and whether Teo could still be alive.

Read on for edited excerpts from the interview.


In last week's episode when Annie decides to give herself up to Henry, does she have a hope for the future? Or does she kind of believe in that moment that she's making a sacrifice?

Piper Perabo: I think that when Annie decides to kind of turn herself in to Henry, it's in a kind of last ditch effort. And she, herself, is like the tracking device, you know? If she can be - sit next to Henry in his car, she can be in the same building where he is and she knows Auggie is in that city, she knows Auggie will find her.

So it's almost like she's a tracking device. It's a - not a great plan. It's really dangerous -- really dangerous idea. And when I read it -- even on the page -- I was like wait, that's how I do that? But I like that Annie is willing to go way out on a limb. And I think part of the reason that she feels like there's hope still is that Auggie's there and he won't leave without her.

How does Auggie feel about that? Does he think that Annie has any hope for the future?

Christopher Gorham: Yes. And I think from Auggie's point of view, he means what he says and he trusts her. He trusts her judgment, you know. He's been standing up for her and sending her since day one. And I think in this moment he's been to battle before and he knows what it is and he knows there's no guarantees.

But you got to stand for something and so he's going to stand with her and whatever decision he makes, she makes. He's going to do his best to make sure that they walk out of there together. And like Piper said, it's not the ideal plan -- what she decides to do, but under the circumstances I don't know what the other options are because it's also - the risk of Henry disappearing is very real.

Annie & Henry

Are Annie and Auggie on their own in Hong Kong? Or, do they have a support structure?

Perabo: Going into [the finale] they're on their own.

Gorham: Yes. Just the two of them.

Perabo: I mean Calder is -- Calder knows they're there, but what Calder's standing is when he lands, we still don't know, you know. He has Oliver Lee -- which is good. But, you know, we don't really have friends who are in charge right at Langley. The three of us are - we're operating on our own and didn't ask to go. We have someone who knows we're there. But that's a long way from support.

Do you think that Annie can get past Auggie sleeping with Helen? Does she understand it?

Gorham: They broke up and they barely saw each other. Like until after she ended up coming back months, and months later.

Perabo: And [Auggie’s] wife being alive is a fairly extenuating circumstance. And I feel like Annie could at least consider having a beer with the guy who didn't know his wife was actually alive.

Gorham: I think it's very easy and certainly tempting and juicy to say that Auggie cheated on Annie. And I completely understand that kind of gut feeling. But I think one of the things our show has really started to explore -- and I hope it'll continue going into Season 5 -- it's just how complicated these people's lives are and how on the surface it may seem very simple. Sometimes it's really not.

And sometimes with the kind of vulnerabilities that they have offer up and the secret lives that they live and how lonely it can get at times, you kind of explore as to what are the boundaries and are the boundaries different for these people than they are for an accountant and a school nurse who are married, you know what I mean? 

When you have people who have such high risk lives and you know what Annie did for instance. Part of the reason Auggie argued so strongly against it is because there was no guarantee that she was going to come back. Even if she lived through the mission, there's no guarantee that she's going to be able to come back to their lives as they were.

And therefore, by itself I don't think -- to me anyway -- is necessarily a deal breaker because it's complicated and at the end of the day I think these two really do care about each other and trust each other. And so as long as they have that foundation I think there's always a chance.

Perabo: And I'll say this too -- is that Auggie is one of the few people in the world that Annie trusts. So it makes a relationship always sort of possible.

Annie Survives

Could Teo still be alive?

Perabo: When I saw the final cut of the death of Teo I was really excited because I thought, you know, we didn't really put him in the ground. And it makes me really have hope. [The writers] are pretty strict about it when someone really dies they really die. But I was real excited about the way that they cut the death of Teo. That's all I can say about that.

Will the end of the Covert Affairs Season 4 finale change the trajectory of the show going into Season 5?

Perabo: There's like multiple bombshells at the end of the finale. I mean to the point that I'm like oh my goodness. There's so many bombshells at the end of the finale. It's pretty exciting. And as far as I know, well, I certainly can't tell any of them, but it does - it changes things both - they're both negative and positive bombshells that go off at the end.

Gorham: It's such a good episode. It's such a powerful ending and it leaves things in a place - it leaves things in a nice place to start Season 5. It's funny because I hesitate to say if it's like a big cliff hanger at the end of the season because it's not exactly like it was - has been in seasons past, but it's - I think it's powerful and it definitely leaves you begging for Season 5 as quickly as possible.

Perabo: Yes. I mean, right down to the final frames of the episode.

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