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After giving herself up to Henry, Annie has to figure out how to take him down. Auggie heads to the consulate to assist Annie from there, while Calder rallies the forces in DC after turning over Oliver Lee.

Henry takes Annie to the Lexington offices in Hong Kong. He offers her a gun to shot him, but she knows it is empty. Auggie has all communications at the Henry's offices shut down and plans a raid to safe Annie. Before those teams are sent in another assault team enters and starts killing people. 

Back in DC, Calder briefs Braithwait and others about Henry's activities including in Copenhagen and Colombia. Joan shows up and is allowed to stay.

Annie gets a gun and points it at Henry. One of his men puts a gun to Annie's head but Henry orders him not to shoot. They escape the assault team and Henry takes Annie to a MSS safe house to turn her over to them for questioning. 

The DCI wants Braithwait to bring him all the files on Henry after the mysterious assault team hit Lexington. Instead of accepting the consequences of his actions, Braithwait commits suicide. Calder wants it kept quiet to protect the dead man.

The MSS shows up at the safe house. Henry leaves and Jonathan begins to interrogate Annie. Before he can administer the truth serum, Annie takes out the two MSS men and forces Jonathan to reveal Henry's whereabouts.

Annie goes after Henry. It's complicated when her picture is sent out to the Hong Kong police. Auggie and a consulate employee leave a car in the middle of an intersection to cause a traffc back-up and slow down Henry. Annie tracks him down and comes face-to-face with Henry in an alley. He talks and she shoots him. 

Annie escapes from Hong Kong on a boat with Auggie's help. Joan and Arthur have a son. And, Calder replaces Braithwait. 

Covert Affairs
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