Grimm Review: A Message From M

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There are some episodes of Grimm that tell so much procedural story it sometimes grows boring rather than compelling.

Thankfully, Grimm Season 3 Episode 4 focused on a captivating tale with some very exciting serial elements layered throughout.

Aquatic Wesen

The case involving the Nyads was rather fascinating, as they're given a decently rich culture for a procedural story with staunch traditionalists and a younger generation trying to bend the long set in stone rules; plus, the series has never really dipped its toes in the Wesen waters, so it’s fun to see Grimm Season 3 branch out of its mostly sea level stories to tell something a little more aquatic.

A big reason why the procedural element was so well done this week was that the witnesses took an integral part in propelling the action forward; it was not an endless cycle of interrogations and evidence grabs until a conviction was made.

Jake ended up being a big driver of the story, attempting to go through the motions of what happened and his later reconnecting with Ellie, and Sarah and Anna as the conduits for the Nyad culture.

And Jake and Ellie were cute together too.

The Nyad culture is very much a mirror of Nick and his position in the Wesen world. Nick is up against a Wesen universe that is very much full of staunch traditionalists who see him in the light of ancestors’ behavior, and he is very much breaking and bending the rules of the Grimms who came before him as he goes.

The Nyads staying within their own culture is another parallel, as Nick shares a lot of Grimm knowledge and knowhow with Hank, Monroe, Rosalee and Juliette.

One final observation on the case: Nick saving Ellie. I’m starting to wonder if Nick’s zombification comes into play when he’s nearing death. As he is saving Ellie and slowly turning grey, it’s not until he’s back out of the water and breathing normally that his color returns. The same type of incident happened when he was sleeping.

If my WebMD searching has taught me anything, it’s that both of these events have the same effect on the heart: slowing it down. This ties in to the doctor saying that Nick is in great shape... aside from his very slow heart rate, so it’s possible that Nick is bringing his heart rate to such a number that he’s actually entering a death-like state; except that his time as a zombie is preventing him from a “real” death.

Monroe and Rosalee are now officially unpacked and living together. They are truly adorable together, and the progression of their relationship feels natural. It’s not incredibly slow, and they’re not jumping into anything head first without seeing where the other is first.

Finally, there’s a letter from M:

Haven’t been able to spend the money. Royal assassination causing much turmoil. No longer safe… Must leave now, love you, M.


Mama Grimm, I have missed you! I’m sad you couldn’t get rid of the coins that caused havoc all over Portland, but I’m hoping you’re coming back to visit Portland. It feels like seasons ago, but it was just last year that Mama Burkhardt came to visit Portland.

Of course Juliette has no knowledge of her since those were the coma days of her life, but I’m wondering where she’s going with this. Does she think Nick is seeing someone else?

What did you think of tonight’s episode? Is my theory of Nick all washed up? What is Juliette thinking? And, most importantly, on a scale of 10 to awesome how cute are Monroe and Rosalee together?

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Grimm Season 3 Episode 4 Quotes

Haven’t been able to spend the money. Royal assassination causing much turmoil. No longer safe… Must leave now, love you, M.


We have to be honest that is butt ugly.