Revolution Review: Pledge Allegiance

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While Revolution Season 2 Episode 8 was lighter on story, there were some character interactions and smaller developments that kept it from slowing down completely.

Rachel's Relationship

Gene doing what he could to keep his family safe is a core theme of the show, but in his absence during Revolution Season 1 Rachel and Charlie (especially) created a new family.

So why does Gene balance doing what is right for his immediate family when it conflicts with them? It’s easy, Gene is willing to sell out everyone else if that means Charlie and Rachel are safe.

Miles, Aaron, and Monroe have no standing with Gene. He is not above working for the Patriots if it means his family can live a little easier and he has no trouble going against them for the exact same reasons. Gene only pledges allegiance to his family.

Just like Gene, most everyone was very much applicable to this standard this week. Rachel, up until she saw herself mirrored with Charlie, was very much willing to make the same sacrifice. Hell, she was even willing to let Gene get gassed to death if it meant she could take out the entire Willoughby Patriot HQ.

The only difference is Gene doesn’t originally make the shortlist of people Rachel is willing to save, but Rachel’s willing to do whatever she can to get back in Charlie’s good graces.

Dr. Horn, unlike his father, is unwilling to believe in a god; he believes in the explainable and actions that have immediate consequences. But he does not pledge allegiance to anyone aside from himself. I very much doubt he has any care in the world when it comes to figuring out why the nanotech chose Aaron for the Patriots. His only mission is to figure out how to use it so for his own personal gain and cure his brain tumor.

For once, I actually felt bad for Aaron. In only a few days, the life he’s worked hard for was completely wiped out. His wife found about his accidental killing of her first husband; Gene sold his position out; and now he’s being tortured by Dr. Horn and then has to watch his wife get stabbed. It’s really not a surprise that he ended up snapping at the end.

Maybe Rachel should have released the gas after all.

At this point, I’ve lost all interest in Tom and Jason’s sideline story extravaganza. I believe Tom will be the first to figure out the Patriots’ true intentions, but Tom’s ability to smoothly talk his way through anything is getting tiring.

He was able to get Secretary Allenford’s own husband to shoot and kill her and she was the only interesting character, while Jason is a brainwashed shell.

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