The Originals Round Table: "Bloodletting"

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The first crossover from The Vampire Diaries to The Originals has taken place.

Tyler arrived in New Orleans this week and brought some teasing information about Hayley's heritage to New Orleans. The hybrid also ended the night by joining forces with Marcel. 

Was his a arrival welcomed by our Round Table staff? And what's the scoop with the Lebonair family? Join our TV Fanatic Round Table staff of Leigh Raines and Miranda Wicker, plus Heather Vee from, as we break down The Originals Season 1 Episode 7.


What was your favorite quote or scene from "Bloodletting?"

Heather: "Klaus Mikaelson can suck it." Because the entire episode was everyone sharing in that sentiment. 

Leigh: I just wasn't in love with this episode. It was hard to see how far Tyler has fallen. Klaus's paranoia is laughable. I mean that I was actually laughing when he was relaying his fight with Elijah to Rebekah. "So then I bit him."

Miranda: I really loved Josh and Davina in the attic bonding while she fried his brain and erased his memories. That teenage witch is growing on me.

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On a scale of 1 to 10, rate Tyler's debut in New Orleans.

Heather: I'm going to put it at a 6, and that's only because there are still glorious places for this story to go, so that's a conservative number but I pick it in good spirit. 

Leigh: As I said before: his downfall made me sad. I want to see Tyler find happiness again. I mean I'd want to murder Klaus too if I were him. On the upside he shed a little light on Hayley's family. I'll give it a 5 and call it even. 

Miranda: I'll go slightly more generous and give it a 7.5. I'm really loving everything this show is bringing except this newfound source of hybrid creation. 1) It's a baby, so potential experiments on a baby is gross and 2) we've been there, done that with the hybrid story. I'm over it.

The hybrid baby's blood can be used to make more hybrids. How are you feeling about this development?

Heather: I might be the only person on the internet who wasn't surprised by this "revelation" at all. I've been sure this would figure into the story since the backdoor pilot because it's the perfect dilemma in Klaus's development: He has the freestanding means to build his hybrid army, but it's his child. And it was pretty obvious that Klaus had no clue this was even a possibility. I am looking forward to him chewing that fact over, though, because I think it'll genuinely mess with his head for a bit.

Leigh: Worried for the baby and Hayley. However the idea that they will be sired to her gives her a brand new level of power that totally interests me. 

Miranda: See my previous answer. There are so many reasons I don't want to see this story progress. So very many. The one thing I do like about it is that the hybrids are sired to the baby, but even that feels a little like imprinting and in turn becomes just another reason for me to hate the hybrids.

Will Rebekah team up with Marcel to bury Klaus alive in the Gardens? Related: Can Rebekah trust Marcel at all?

Heather: I think Rebekah is savvier than both Klaus and Marcel give her credit for. I think Marcel's being just as manipulative as Klaus - he's playing all of the notes he thinks Rebekah wants to hear because he's getting desperate. So, no, I don't think Rebekah can trust Marcel and, no, I don't think she'll team up with him.

Leigh: Rebekah can trust Elijah and probably Hayley and Matt Donovan. That's it. Marcel may have loved her once but his empire is #1 and she'd be wise to remember that.

Miranda: Family above all, right? Rebekah will want to team up with Marcel but she'll never be able to turn her back on her family. Like Hayley said, Rebekah loves Klaus no matter how ridiculously dysfunctional their relationship might be. She will probably try to trust Marcel and that will turn out to be a problem for her.

What are your theories on the Lebonair family?

Heather: I don't really have any! Though I find it interesting that Hayley might be the "lost heir" to werewolf royalty (as Tyler refers to them), which adds an entirely new dynamic to the Quarter politicking happening. 

Leigh: I don't think they've died off. I think they are somewhere, regrouping and preparing for their return. I like the idea of Hayley having more background and serving as more than just the pawn between the vampires and the witches. 

Miranda: Like Leigh, I don't think they've died off, nor do I think that only those hanging out in the bayou are the line's remaining members. I think they scattered in order to remain strong and are biding their time until they can return to New Orleans, and when they do, there's going to be another front to this war.

Miranda Wicker is a Staff Writer for TV Fanatic. Follow her on Twitter.

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The Originals Season 1 Episode 7 Quotes

Klaus: You seem quite determined to find the little wolf.
Elijah: If I'm moving too fast for you, Niklaus, you're welcome to wait in the car.

Klaus: You do realize they can hear you.
Elijah: You do realize I don't care.