The Originals Round Table: "Fruit of the Poisoned Tree"

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After the most recent installment of The Originals, one thing's for sure: Elijah always keeps his word.

The elder brother took on the French Quarter witches in order to save Hayley and her unborn child, and now he'll have to take on Marcel since the King of New Orleans is in possession of the werewolf.

But before he takes on Marcel, we've got to break down The Originals Season 1 Episode 6.

Read on as Heather Vee from joins TV Fanatic staff writers Dan Forcella, Leigh Raines, and Miranda Wicker to discuss "Fruit of the Poisoned Tree." After checking out their thoughts, be sure to sound off in the comments with answers of your own. We compel you.


What was your favorite scene or quote from the hour?

Dan: My favorite scene from this episode or in the history of television?  Watching Elijah go all original up on those fools was one of the best things I've ever witnessed.  Klaus's dastardly smile immediately after might have even been better.

Heather: I'm with Dan on this one. If you weren't basking in the sheer badassery of Elijah dispatching four people in the matter of seconds, you may be dead. And such a wonderful callback to some of Elijah's finest moments in Vampire Diaries Season 2, too - the Christ-like pose, taunting a room full of werewolves to come take the moonstone from him and plucking their hearts, one by one. A graphic, righteous reminder of what happens when you piss off Elijah. Just epic.

Leigh:  I think we should just rename this the Elijah appreciation roundtable because my scene is E-centric too! Everything came to high stakes in the pool and he and Hayley already have that sexual chemistry going for them. When he jumped into the pool to hold her and save her and that shirt was stuck to him, yummy. 

Miranda: Yeah, another Elijah fan over here. Every scene with him was fantastic, but the scene in the beginning where he got up to follow Hayley into the kitchen set the tone and gave hints of what's to come with Elijah and Hayley. He was so giddy as he got up from his chair, almost like a schoolboy. Gah. I love him.

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Who's the more threatening brother: Elijah or Klaus?

Dan: It still has to be Klaus because he doesn't pick and choose as much as his older brother.  Elijah can be extremely threatening when he wants to be - as we all saw here - but I'd be more worried about Klaus because of the chance he'll wreak havoc more often.

Heather: Klaus is far more unpredictable, whereas Elijah does have a certain code. If you find yourself on the wrong side of Elijah, you really only have yourself to blame, but Klaus has no real limits and you never know when he's going to snap. Klaus lashes out when the wind starts blowing in a different direction, so he's the one you need to keep your eye on.

Leigh: I generally would vote Klaus. There is little to no reasoning when it comes to him. He'd always rather just snap someone's neck to get his way.

Miranda: I'll go with Elijah only because he's kind of unpredictable. It's the quiet ones, you know? Klaus wears his anger on his sleeve and has a reputation for being a fan of the slaughter. But Elijah is so quick and decisive when he decides to kill someone that it's almost freakishly scary to me.

How badly do you feel for the Mikaelson sister? 

Dan: I feel for Rebekah quite a bit, and that is thanks to the wonderful job Claire Holt has done in reeling the audience in.  That is a character that could be seen as fake in emotional moments, Holt makes that impossible with her ability to portray genuine emotions.

Heather: Oh, Rebekah. Claire Holt was wonderful in this episode, and I think what makes Rebekah such a unique character is that she's such a sensitive soul, yearning for love and acceptance, but also respect. And, as we see, even her bickering brothers can't quite let her in on their shenanigans. A millenia of being kept at arm's length must be disheartening, and lonely. That's why I love the budding friendship between Hayley and Rebekah so much, because that's moving beyond a relationship of obligation into one of true affection. 

Leigh: I can't imagine being alive for 2000 years with Klaus as my brother, daggering me on his whim. However, we'd be in denial if we claimed completely innocent. That girl has definitely wreaked havoc over the years. I think being the only sister makes her special. 

Miranda: For a split second, I thought she'd given Marcel the apple on purpose and I didn't feel badly for her at all, but then when she started begging him to leave with her and I thought about the way the boys dismiss her, I was reminded why this character has grown on me. She's really just a girl who wants to be loved and noticed and she lashes out sometimes to get that attention, but at her core, acceptance is what she's after and it seems to be the one thing few people give her.

Was Father Kieran right to tell Cami to forget her hurt over her brother's death?

Dan: Oh yeah. My bro was hexed into killing a bunch of people and himself...I'll just get over it real quick. Thanks for the help Father.

Heather: No, but he knew that as he was saying it. He's trying to protect her from the truth, and it's just as wrong as Klaus compelling her to move on. Also, even though Kieran is human, he's knee-deep in supernatural politics, so his viewpoint is hopelessly skewed, whereas Cami is purely rational and can see all of this for what it truly is: madness. That might make her the most unpredictable element within the scope of the show.

Leigh: Was he compelled or smoking crack when he told her that? Yes Cami should learn to have some semblance of a life, find some peace, but hurting and missing him is natural. 

Miranda: I understand why he would tell her that feeling nothing was good, even if I thought it was sort of odd. He's trying to protect her from the vampires without telling her there are vampires. Thankfully, she's aware enough to know that she's been messed with and determined enough to find a way to undo it. I agree with Heather that this makes her incredibly unpredictable.

Pen a eulogy for Agnes.

Dan: She doesn't deserve the spit I would waste in reciting one for that nasty witch.

Heather: Doesn't a eulogy require saying good things about the deceased?

Leigh: May you pay for whatever sins you did with dark magic in this world with the crazy bitches on the other side. 

Miranda: Dear Agnes, Rot in the Other Side. 

Miranda Wicker was a Staff Writer for TV Fanatic. She retired in 2017. Follow her on Twitter.

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