Scandal Round Table: "Yolo"

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With only one episode remaining before Scandal Season 3 takes a break, the tension on this drama is running quite high. 

But before we can see how the mid-season finale shakes out, Scandal Season 3 Episode 9 must be discussed. Cyrus has quite a mess on his hands, Olivia realizes she's made a grave error, and Quinn is on a mission to take down Command. We think.

Join the TV Fanatic Round Table panel of Jim Garner, Christine Orlando, Leigh Raines, Miranda Wicker and Emily from ABC Scandal Fans as we discuss "Yolo" and then jump in with your answers to these questions in the comments below.


What was your favorite scene or quote from "Yolo?"

Jim: As bad as it sounds, I laughed like an idiot when Charlie walked in admonishing with "You better have a good reason" and followed it with "That'll do." Charlie really has developed feelings for Quinn and it's kind of cute to see.

Christine:  Jim, I had the same reaction to that scene that you did! Very funny. But my favorite scene was Cyrus breaking down and Mellie trying to console him in her own way. I found her belief that "fine" and "numb" are the same moving. It's sad how much pain these characters put themselves through.

Leigh: Christine, that scene with Cyrus and Mellie was just wow. Great scene, but for favorite I'm actually gonna go with Mama Pope calling out Olivia. She imagined this life for her daughter finding love and happiness and after 22 years could look at her and still see she was in pain. She might have a great, great support staff, access to a lot of things but is Liv internally happy? 

Emily: I have to say I loved pretty much every line James said to Cyrus especially all the play on words he had when he was trying to get Cy to admit what he'd done.  

Miranda: There were so many great scenes in this episode, but I'm going with that shocking ending of Sally calling Cyrus while standing over her dead husband's body. Talk about your scorned woman! 

Why did Rowan Pope escort Maya off the plane instead of letting her die with the other passengers?

Jim: Rowan is all about information and control, he wanted information from her and by locking her up, she was under his control.

Christine:  Maybe he really was trying to protect his daughter. If he covers it up and hides Maya away not only does he have control the situation but Olivia doesn't grow up as the daughter of a terrorist. That's a label that could have followed her her entire life. 

Leigh: All of the above reasons and probably also just because it was his wife. He couldn't bear blowing her up, just like I don't think he'd ever really let anything happen to Olivia. Rowan definitely has a multitude of reasons we just don't know yet. 

Emily: I agree with everyone too, but especially with Jim on using her to gather  information on others in her group. 

Miranda: There is so much here I don't understand. I like the idea Christine presented that he faked her death to prevent Olivia being labeled the daughter of a terrorist, but at the same time, just letting her die would've done the same thing. So it has to be about information she could provide that was in the interest of national security. I think.

Were you shocked to learn that James actually cheated on Cyrus?

Jim: Not at all, he was angry at Cyrus for setting him up and honestly, he had already been WAY more forgiving than any human being I know. He may regret it for years to come, but he had to draw a line with Cyrus. 

Christine:  Yes, I was. I didn't think he'd go there, although I understand why he did it. He's so incredibly hurt by yet another betrayal from Cyrus. Now James' problem is that Cyrus has the power to crush him both personally by trying to take their daughter and professionally by destroying his career. This won't turn out well for anyone.

Leigh: Only a little bit. I'm shocked James fully went through with it. I thought maybe he staged it for the camera (which I thought he'd realize was there). So yes I was a little like, "oh wow so he really did it." But well played James, and his piece "I want a divorce" was just brilliant. 

Emily: I was actually surprised. I expected it to be some kind of setup with the photos, but I almost can't blame James after everything Cy has done to him.  

Miranda: I was totally shocked. I expected James to be one step ahead and anticipate that there would be a photographer and make his own deal, but I think the fact that he cheated and THEN found out that Cyrus had a photographer taking photos added something to James' hurt that makes the story more interesting.

Is Quinn working with Huck or Charlie?

Jim: Yes.

Christine:  Who knows? Quinn is a mess but I think Huck is even more of a mess. The level of pleasure he took in torturing his "friend" really disturbed me. I almost changed the channel.  I don't think I can ever look at Huck the same way again.

Leigh: Quinn is looking out for Quinn. She will play them both to keep herself alive and get what she wants. Considering Huck says in previews that he'd kill her if not for Liv, I'm thinking maybe Charlie will win out. For now maybe she made a plan with Huck. Who knows, you gotta be twisted to qualify for B613!

Emily: I agree with Leigh that Quinn is really trying to save her own skin right now, but I think deep down her loyalty is with Huck. If Huck hadn't left her to her own devices and opened the door for Charlie to sweep in I think Huck could have kept her in check.  

Miranda: When I talked with her this week, Katie Lowes said the answer is never quite that simple. And when it comes to Scandal, that's a good thing.

How does OPA clean up Sally Langston's murderous mess?

Jim: Paper Towels, Windex, Dyson vacuum, body bag -- wait, did you mean literally or in general. 

Christine:  Oh Jim, you need to step up your cleaning skills. Bleach. Lots and lots of bleach. Maybe a wood chipper? Seriously though, this is bad. Very, very bad. Now they have to choose whether to circle the wagons and protect her and make it all go away or let her hang and try to distance themselves from their own VP. 

Leigh: It's really a WWDD? What would Dexter do? Huck knows how to dispose of a body, he's done it before. Remember when Gideon died in Scandal Season 1? Quinn's reporter bf?

Emily: Um, I think the question may be IF Cyrus even brings OPA into the fray! Hello! Your VP just stabbed you in the back and became your opponent in the upcoming election. Sally just made it super easy for the Grant campaign to keep her out of the running. However, if OPA gets involved I COSIGN with Christine on LOTS OF BLEACH!

Miranda: Sally certainly gave Cyrus a way to keep her in the fold now, didn't she? Hmmm...if this weren't Washington D.C., I'd say they could pull a Nip/Tuck and toss the body into a swamp with a ham around its neck. RIP, Horn-rimmed Glasses!

Miranda Wicker was a Staff Writer for TV Fanatic. She retired in 2017. Follow her on Twitter.

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