Scandal Sneak Peek: A Surprise for Cyrus

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Brace yourselves, Gladiators.

If you think Scandal Season 3 has been full of twists, turns and truly unbelievable cliffhangers to conclude every episode... just imagine what the series has in store on tonight's 2013 finale.

With the truth about Olivia's mother out there, the official ABC synopsis for "A Door Marked Exit" simply says "things will never be the same" and "everyone will have to face the consequences of their actions."

What will this mean, exactly? Tune in. Find out. And watch Cyrus walked in to a blood bath now:

Once the drama goes on hiatus, remember: you can watch Scandal online.

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Scandal Season 3 Episode 10 Quotes

I get it. You just found out your mother isn't who you thought. You just got your happy memories of her taken from you. She's bad, and we don't know how bad, but that does not make your father the good guy. He is not a good guy, Liv. And Huck is about to go out there and look for him, try to save your father, try to save the man who manipulated him, who threw him in a hole until he was nearly driven out of his mind, and then stole everything that was important to him, and you say it's not my business, but Huck and I, we're in the same business, and your father? He is not our hero. He is our demon. And you're not the only one to lose your happy memories. So I speak from experience when I say maybe you cut Huck some slack.


Fitz: Here's the thing about power, Rowan. It's always hard to admit when you've lost it.
Rowan: Or to admit you've never had any at all.