Scandal: Watch Season 3 Episode 10 Online

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Scandal ends pretty much every hour with a mind-bending, heart-attack-inducing cliffhanger.

So when this ABC series wraps up 2013? And doesn't air a new outing until February 27, 2014? Well... you best not be operating any heavy machinery while viewing.

It's safe to say Scandal Season 3 Episode 10 did not disappoint in the shocking drama department.

New alliances were formed. Old ones were renewed. And someone told Olivia that he loves her.

The opening sequence was perfectly done, while Quinn continues to evolve and we can't get enough of her and Charlie's interactions.

Then there's Jake, who has a new position, one that ought to make his triangle with Fitz and Olivia awfully interesting.

In what way? Sit back and watch the episode from start to finish now in order to find out:

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Scandal Season 3 Episode 10 Quotes

I get it. You just found out your mother isn't who you thought. You just got your happy memories of her taken from you. She's bad, and we don't know how bad, but that does not make your father the good guy. He is not a good guy, Liv. And Huck is about to go out there and look for him, try to save your father, try to save the man who manipulated him, who threw him in a hole until he was nearly driven out of his mind, and then stole everything that was important to him, and you say it's not my business, but Huck and I, we're in the same business, and your father? He is not our hero. He is our demon. And you're not the only one to lose your happy memories. So I speak from experience when I say maybe you cut Huck some slack.


Fitz: Here's the thing about power, Rowan. It's always hard to admit when you've lost it.
Rowan: Or to admit you've never had any at all.