Days of Our Lives Recap: A Day Full of Busybodies

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As if there weren't enough drama in Salem, Julie, Adrienne, and Anne women did their best to stir things up today.

But in they end, are they being ridiculous? Annoying? Or just plain boring?

Adrienne's Meddling

Let's start with Julie. Do we really need Julie to hop off her cruise ship once or twice a year to come in and poke her nose in everyone else's business?

Usually, Julie's being judgmental about somebody else's love life - but today she was all about cousin Nick, who has done the unthinkable and not returned her phone calls. When Abby mentions that he just might need some space from his family, Julie proclaims, "That's ridiculous!" 

Then she threatens to pester Nick every single day until she hears from him. 

Honestly, if I were Nick (and I were alive), I'd block her number.

Then there is Adrienne. And now that she's stopped causing trouble for Sonny and Will does she actually have anything to do in Salem?

Now Mrs. Kiriakis spends her days wandering Salem randomly apologizing to people and poking her nose into conversations that have nothing to do with her. 

Or telling Jennifer that she witnessed her daughter having an intense conversation with EJ Dimera over a book. Gasp!

Didn't Adrienne run The Cheating Heart Bar at one point? Maybe Sonny could give her a job? No, wait a minute. That's the last thing the poor boy needs. 

Finally there's Anne Millbauer. She's the human resources rep who threatens to hold back paychecks if employees won't lie for her. But if you are a part of the Jennifer/Daniel haters club like Teresa then not only is your job secure but you can embezzle funds without worry. 

But must Anne end up in every hospital scene? A little bit of Anne Millbauer goes a long way.

Thankfully even busybodies throw out some great lines now and then and today Anne made the cut.

Now it's your turn TV Fanatics. You choose who uttered the best line on today's Days of Our Lives.

And don't forget to chime in on yesterday's topic, The Idiot Men of Salem.

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Days of Our Lives Quotes

Lucas, I raised you to be a better liar than that.


Deimos: I believe that the younger generation in this family have been handed everything on a silver platter, and they don't appreciate it.
Maggie: By younger generation, you must mean Sonny.
Deimos: All right, fine. Let's start with Sonny. I'm trying to work with him, Maggie. I've just given him a very important position in the company and instead of being grateful for the opportunity, he's being an oversensitive, temperamental pain in my neck. But at least he's still here. Brady, on the other hand, he's taken off, abandoned the family, Titan. He's left me all alone to deal with the Hernandez family on my own.
Maggie: Well, there's an easy solution to the Dimera and the Hernandez families. Just bow out.
Deimos: I do that and I lose face.
Maggie: With whom?
Deimos: With everyone. Except Nicole. She's taken off too.
Maggie: And to think I naively thought that maybe I'd gotten through to you the last time we had a serious conversation. Let me ask you a question. Has doing things your way gotten you anywhere?