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On Parenthood Season 5 Episode 14, the marriage of Joel and Julia comes closer to ending, Sarah works with Hank on a project, Kristina has a new plan and Zeek shares his thoughts with Camille.

Joel and Julia visit a counselor to try to determine what the best steps will be to take in their marriage, especially as it will affect their children Sydney and Victor. Is there anything that can be done to stop things from going to the next level?

Ray Romano on Parenthood
Ray Romano on Parenthood
Ray Romano on Parenthood

When Crosby and Jasmine discover their house is full of mold, they move into a motel and find out they cannot live with the size limitations and expense for very long. Can Jasmine talk Crosby into reaching out to his parents for assistance?

Sarah and Hank attempt to work on her photo shoot for her client, but Hank wants to take the reins and makes Sarah feel as though all of her ideas are wrong. Will the two of them be able to reach a place where they can work together and respect each others opinions?

Kristina helps a mother in the community try to find a way to get her high school daughter a better classroom experience. When she realizes how difficult it is and learns that Max is still facing challenges in middle school, she and Adam start to worry about Max's high school experience. What can they do to ensure he doesn't face the same problems other students do who are lost in the system and shuffled around?

Zeek realizes that Camille is happier than he has ever seen her and comes to a decision about their future. How much does he love his wife? To find out the answer to this question and all of those above, you only have to watch Parenthood online.

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Parenthood Season 5 Episode 14 Quotes

Sarah: I have to acknowledge, ya know, I'm potentially in over my head.
Carl: You're not, Sarah. You're out of your comfort zone. There's a huge difference. Because look. The work's right here. You were hired for your vision, and here it is, I see it. If they wanted Hank's work, they would have hired Hank.

Tech: Sounds fun. What would you like to call your network?
Zeek: How about cancer beams?
Camille: Villa Camille. I'd like to call it Villa Camille.