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Sarah starts a new project with Hank.

Joel and Julia decide to tell the kids the truth about their relationship.

Jasmine and Crosby find out there's mold in the house. 

Max gets sent to the library during class because he won't stop talking about the subject before the get to the material.

As Sarah and Hank work together, Sarah listens to Hank's ideas even though he wants to use photoshop and not photograph outside.

Camille and Zeek get a home network.

Adam thinks Kristina is giving too much of her time away to people in the community.

Joel and Julia go to a counselor to ask how to tell the kids about him moving out.

Julia tells the counselor that their separation is trial with the hopes of reconciliation, but Joel tells her he doesn't know.

Crosby and family go to Adam's after they learn their house is full of mold.

Kristina helps an overwhelmed mom.

Sarah tells Carl about working with Hank and he is surprised she's working with the guy she beat out for the job. Carl gives Sarah a pep talk she really needed. 

When Sydney and Victor are playing together like Joel and Julia have always wanted, Joel decides to wait to tell the kids about them until the next day.

Camille takes an online class while drinking wine and eating grapes, cheese and prosciutto. Zeek watches her work, appreciating her.

Max tells Adam that his history teacher has sent him to the library 21 out of 27 days this semester.

Sarah tells Hank that she feels like she sold her vision and now shooting in the studio she's giving that up. Hank accuses her of getting the job because she slept with Carl and then walks away from Sarah.

Crosby and Jasmine disagree over the bonding they're doing at the motel while they wait for the mold to be cleared from the house.

Julia asks Joel not to give up on her. He says he wishes they weren't at this point, but they are.

Kristina argues with a high school on behalf of a woman's daughter and realizes that Max will be in the same place next year. That's when Adam tells her that Max's history has been sending him to the library daily and she decides to advocate his ass.

When Hank complains to Max about Sarah's beach shoot, Max tells him he thinks Sarah's way is better and backs up his statement with facts, shutting Hank down.

As soon as Joel announces he's leaving, Sydney breaks down and Victor cries. The discussion is brief.

Hank shows up at Sarah's and tells her it's sunny in Santa Cruz and she's the boss.

When Kristina and Adam meet with Max's history teacher, the principal joins them and Kristina tells them their best is unacceptable.

Zeek and Camille talk about what it was like when she was gone, and Zeek tells Camille that not all of her seems to be back. He tells her he thinks he held her back from her happiness all these years. He tells her he'll sell the house to make her happy.

Jasmine tells Crosby he needs to call his parents about staying in their guest house because they can't afford to keep staying in the motel and she doubts his parents will charge them rent.

Joel leaves the house for what looks like the last time.

Sarah and Hank finish the beach shoot.

Kristina and Adam talk about Max and Kristina comes to the foregone conclusion -- to start a school.

Sydney and Victor say they're sick and need to call Joel, so Julia takes them to Zeek and Camille's. Julia breaks down and tells her parents her marriage might be over.


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Parenthood Season 5 Episode 14 Quotes

Sarah: I have to acknowledge, ya know, I'm potentially in over my head.
Carl: You're not, Sarah. You're out of your comfort zone. There's a huge difference. Because look. The work's right here. You were hired for your vision, and here it is, I see it. If they wanted Hank's work, they would have hired Hank.

Tech: Sounds fun. What would you like to call your network?
Zeek: How about cancer beams?
Camille: Villa Camille. I'd like to call it Villa Camille.