The Originals Review: Set Fire to the Rain

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I'm not gonna lie. Tonight's episode of The Originals has left me sort of speechless. Danielle Campbell teased that the Reaping wouldn't go as the witches planned, but I can honestly say I didn't see THAT coming. And I really hope it doesn't stick.

SPOILER ALERT if you haven't seen The Originals Season 1 Episode 11 but it appears that Davina the teenage witch hasn't survived the Harvest and Reaping ceremonies. 

You guys. Is Davina really dead? This just can't be happening, right? It just can't! All I can do is eat Nutella and rock back and forth willing it not to be!

From her very first scene, it was clear that things weren't looking great for Davina. She was coughing up dirt, which I thought was Celeste trying to inhabit her body or something. That seemed like a witchy thing to do, you know? 

But no. The Reaping needed to happen and it needed to happen ASAP. Davina was cycling through the four elements and bringing them down upon New Orleans plague-style. First with an earthquake, then with winds, then rains, and her final element would burn the city to the ground. 

But Klaus and Elijah have worked to hard to regain control of the city to see that happen. 

The only solution to their problem was that Davina had to die. After Sophie was unable to consecrate Celeste's ashes (because Sabine had gotten there a year ago unbeknownst to everyone) the originals buried Mommy Dearest Esther so that Sophie could draw on her magic.

(I'm totally overlooking the supernatural loophole that somehow just by burying Esther in consecrated ground outside the Quarter she became a witch of New Orleans. Totally overlooking that very convenient loophole.)

The good news is that Esther isn't back on our screens. The bad news is that Sophie's completion of the Harvest allowed Sabine/Celeste to bring back the wrong witches. 

Instead of four young witches roaming the streets, we now have four witches intent on practicing dark magic roaming about. So that's fun.

Will Davina stay dead? It's hard to say. Maybe in the next couple of episodes, the team of anti-heroes will figure out a way to swap the dark magic witches for the four girls, raising Davina and Monique from the dead. 

Or not. 

With a show like this, it could really go either way. And if Davina's dead, then she becomes our first casualty of a regular character of the series. (The witches don't count because who wasn't happy to see Elijah rip their hearts out, you know?)

Major, major props to Danielle Campbell for her performance tonight. She balanced the fear of a 16 year old unsure of her future with the maturity of someone much more advanced in age as she decided to offer herself up for the Harvest. 

Davina: I'll die whether I do this or not. Right now the only option is whether I take everyone else with me. When you look at it that way, it's kind of selfish not to do it.
Marcel: There has to be another way. This is not how it ends.
Davina: And if it is, if this is all I have, I've had a lot. I had Monique, and I had Tim, and I had someone who fought for me from the moment he met me. Most people don't get that even if they live to be a hundred. Marcel, I'm ready.

I mean, there's just no way to do anything except root for her to live after that, you know? And then no, she doesn't. Or hasn't so far? 

Ugh. RIP for now, Davina.

Let's switch gears a bit so I don't continue grief-eating Nutella. 

It's always nice when Klaus' softer side comes through a bit. Or, rather, according to him, when Elijah rubs off on him. 

Joseph Morgan proved tonight why he deserved that People's Choice Award. He balanced Klaus' maniacal nature with moments of sincerity and tenderness which remind us that he actually is a character we can actively want to win. We can root for him.. He's not a total jerk 100% of the time.

When the storms began blowing into the city and outlying areas, Klaus had Father Kiernan round up his clan and bring them into the church for shelter. He then provided food and water and supplies to them, and maybe has been since he learned of their existence. 

The really special part was that he let Hayley inside and shared his secret with her. The werewolves are linked to her through the baby, after all, so it makes sense that she knows he's protecting them. But what of her own family? Will Klaus use his position of power, for however long he's able to maintain it, to save her biological family as well? 

Maybe. Maybe his moment with Marcel will further soften him. (Probably not.)

But slow clap anyway for the JoMo Bro Hug!

Marcel was devastated by losing Davina, and rightfully so. He felt he should've been able to protect her, and there's a huge part of him that blames Klaus for her death since, if he'd never returned to New Orleans, this might not have happened. But it also might have happened. He can't know that this wouldn't have been the eventual result because Davina's power would have continued to grow out of control no matter what.

It might do Marcel some good to remember that it was the witches who first summoned Klaus to the Quarter, and for the purposes of doing what they just did. 

The vampires have played right into the witches hands so that Sabine/Celeste, at the very least, has gotten exactly what she wanted, which was...resurrection? There has to be more at play than just that.

Perhaps what Celeste wants is to be reunited with her long lost lover, Elijah, but Hayley's kind of in the way of that. He said tonight that he's only been in love twice in a thousand years, once with Celeste and the second time with whom?

Hayley? Katerina? Tatia? Some unnamed and likely powerful entity we've yet to meet?

Sabine was the witch who originally prophesied that Hayley's baby would bring about death to all witches, and Celeste, as a newly re-embodied witch, probably won't want that. It's just a prediction, but Elijah's going to have to choose between his former love and his current...whatever Hayley is to him.

They were so close to kissing tonight I was actually leaning forward off of my couch waiting for it to happen and No kissing for Haylijah. Bummer. (When this finally happens there better be actual fireworks. Do you hear me Julie Plec? Legit fireworks. Outside my window, on the TV, somewhere. Fireworks. Make it happen.)

Hayley knows she screwed up and she did the one thing that she could do (and which Klaus advised her to do) and that is apologize.

She sort of gave him a bit of a Sorry NotSorry, but ultimately, she admitted she never intended to hurt him by consecrating Celeste's ashes. She just couldn't foresee the pain that unearthing Celeste's remains would cause Elijah because, like she said, she lives in the now and he tends to live in the past.

I know what a promise means to you, Elijah, but you made it 200 years ago. I live in the now. If I feel something, I act. If I want something, I take it. I won't choose the dead over the living, so why are you? I'm sorry, Elijah.


And now that I've processed the fact that Hayley and Elijah's faces were so close together and his grabbing her and spinning her back around to him seemed like the perfect setup for a kiss that didn't happen, I'm back to being sad about Davina.

Man, what a roller coaster of an episode this turned out to be.

What did you think of The Originals Season 1 Episode 11? Were you shocked that the Reaping didn't work because Celeste is in Sabine's body? Do you think Davina is really dead?

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Klaus: Are there any more inopportune deaths you'd like to wave in my face?
Elijah: Give me a month. I'll get you a list.

The Italians call them Strega. The Yoruba of West Africa call them Aje, meaning mother. Where my mother was from they called them Hexa, and here, we call them witch.