The Real Housewives of Atlanta Review: What the Chuck?

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It was "A Trip Down Memory Lane" on The Real Housewives of Atlanta Season 6 Episode 10 that had us cursing one dumb Chuck.

Let's recap the surprise visitors and escape plans in our TVF +/- review, shall we?

The look on Phaedra's face says it all. What the Chuck?!?

Seriously Chuck?

In the span of a moment the retired NFL player went from looking like a decent guy as he promoted respect for the women he introduced to the Boys and Girls Club of Athens, to then saying what was really on his mind. The nice guy persona immediately fell apart. 

Was he really arguing with Phaedra about whether or not they dated in junior high? Minus 22. Who the heck cares what they did in the 8th grade?!?

Then he swears they never really dated. It was just a friends with benefits thing at best because they never went on a real date. He tells Phaedra, "I had six different chicks stashed in the corners, man. You were part of the team. You and Kandi." Minus 30.

Wow! Is Mynique happier knowing her husband just screwed around a lot? Is that better than having an actual girlfriend?

And then we learn what a jerk Chuck really is when he drags Kandi Buress into this conversation…and she's not even there. He claims Kandi was messing around with multiple men and he lied and took advantage of her.

Minus 20. This is the one guy Mama Joyce liked for Kandi. I hope she's watching this. 

Kenya keeps asking people, "Have you f**ked Chuck?" Well, according to Chuck, "I was the big homey for a lot of people." 

And this is Mynique's husband. What a catch. Minus 15.

The only good thing about the entire trip to Athens was that they stopped off at the Dairy Queen. Plus 19 because you can't go wrong with a DQ Blizzard or a Peanut Parfait.

Moving on…there were plenty of issues with the men in the Housewives lives this week.

Porsha Williams talks to Kordell once again. He told her to either come home or to leave and fend for herself.

Wait, didn't Kordell kick her out? Minus 12. 

Thankfully Porsha decides to go through with the divorce. Plus 20. 

But where the heck is she getting the money for a 6 bedroom, 8,000 square foot house and why do she and her little dogs need that huge place? Minus 13. Unfortunately I see Porsha back on her Mama's doorstep before long. 

Finally, we get to the trials of Cynthia Bailey. Poor girl's got trouble all around.

First off, sister Mallory swoops in for a visit and springs the news that she's staying for two months! Minus 25. That's just plain rude. The only reason she didn't pick up the phone and ask first is because she knew Peter would say no. 

On that point I can't really blame Peter. Mal is nothing but trouble. 

And Cynthia never should have mentioned that Peter bought that car without discussing it with her. It's really none of Mal's business. Minus 10.

Beyond that Peter was a complete ass. And is he trying to look like Papa Smurf with that white beard?

When Cynthia tries to talk to them about their issues with money and communication, he says he needs an escape route. He wants a man cave somewhere else in town where he can get away.

Minus 33. I have one question. Who's going to be paying for Peter's man cave?

Plus 21. Thankfully Cynthia calls him out on his crap. Marriage doesn't work that way but Peter practically threatens to leave her if he doesn't get his way.

Sometimes I think she'd be better off. Peter's hiding things from her and spending money he doesn't have. 

Cynthia says she bought into the Peter Thomas dream but it's quickly becoming a prolonged nightmare.

Episode total = -120! Season total = -627! 

So... should Cynthia fight for her man? Is Peter right to want his own personal man cave? Or is it time to call it quits? Let us know what you think should this unhappy couple should do next.

A Trip Down Memory Lane Review

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